Asia Became The 2nd Largest Continent On Facebook!

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Asia Became The 2nd Largest Continent On Facebook!

North America used to be the largest Facebook continent. It´s only a couple of months ago since the countries of the oldest continent increased their speed of Facebook adoption and moved Europe to the fist place, where it remains until today.

North America Dropped to Number 3

Recently, Asia, the most populated continent yet still quite neglected by Facebook, made its way to the top. Only a couple of days ago, Asia gained 5 million new users and surpassed its rival continent – North America. With more than 229 million users, fast growth and only 6% of online penetration, Facebook is showing its rising strength and popularity in the Asian continent.

continents 28.6.

Statistics as of June 28th 2012

continents 18.6.2012

Statistics as of June 18th 2012

India is Asia’s Number 1

According to our Facebook country statistics, India remains Asia’s flagship country. With almost 50 million users and a 20% steady increase, this country is a perfect demonstration of Facebook’s potential in Asia.

It´s followed by Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand – social countries with promising online user penetration growth.

For more statistics, visit our daily updated section of Countries on Facebook.

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