Brazil Crossed 50 Million-User Mark!

Brazil has recently become one of the most discussed countries in social media. And no wonder – Brazil has exceeded its Facebook population to 51million users!

Brazil Crossed 50 Million-User Mark!

Why is there such a great deal of excitement around the number of Facebook users in Brazil? Facebook is becoming a really powerful platform for marketers. It presents great opportunities for big brands looking to expand their global footprint and to penetrate emerging high potential markets such as Brazil. What’s more, with more fans on Facebook, Brazilian brands can target their social marketing activities to more potential customers, who can be a good reason to spur further growth for businesses in social media.

On the global scale, our recent infographic about Latin America on Facebook brought some interesting findings about brands in Brazil. An amazing 9 out of 10 biggest brands by number of Facebook users in Latin America come from Brazil! These brands represent most of the major industries in Latin America – E-commerce (Hotel Urbano), Alcohol (Skol), FMCG (TridentBrasil, Halls Brasil, Chiclets) and Fashion (Nike Futebol).

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Looking at the country through the lenses of our recently introduced standard of Socially Devoted, Brazil has a quite low Questions Response Rate – only 22%. This is something that brands should work on and improve. Only with proper social customer care can businesses in Brazil harvest all the advantages of Brazil’s increasing Fan base on Facebook.

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