10 Best Facebook Brands For Your Summer Holidays

Explore the 10 fastest growing brands on Facebook with the best marketing strategies during June.

10 Best Facebook Brands For Your Summer Holidays

To celebrate the start of the season filled with holidays, shopping sprees and sport adrenalin, we bring you an overview of 10 brands with the best Facebook marketing during June. We picked them from different industries from the list of 30 brands that gained the most Fans on Facebook to inspire your marketing strategy or your next purchase.

1. Best Retailer: Target – 1,444,013 new Fans

Target won as the fastest growing Facebook brand in June. Target gained 1, 4 million new fans and kept another 14 million engaged thanks to an innovative Shopkick application launched at the beginning of June, the new summer collection (Limited Edition of Ray Bans) as well as deals offering free Frappuccino at Target Starbucks locations.

2. Best Ecommerce Brand – Amazon – 1,383,682 new Fans

Who loves to read a book on the beach during hot summer holidays? Amazon says 1, 3 million do! And books weren’t the only reason for the great fan increase – in fact many fans got attracted by multiple ecommerce offers, many of which were promoted for June’s Father’s day.

3. Best Electronics Brand – Samsung Mobile – 1,186,337 new Fans

From launching the new product GALAXY S III to announcing the ‘Fan of the Month’, Samsung Mobile clearly enjoys gaining attention from new Facebook Fans. Samsung’s most engaging post in June presented Galaxy S III as the best smartphone for sharing, which is something Facebook fans appreciate and LIKE A LOT!

4. Best Fashion Brand – Converse – 950,439 new Fans

Could they gain more? With a 31M Fan base, Converse belongs to the TOP 3 brands on Facebook! Converse is one of the fastest growing brands with almost a million new sneaker supporters gained in June. What was the single most engaging photo posted during June? More than 109 thousands Likes went to the picture claiming: “Nothing beats a Chucks celebration.” Check out the image here.

5. Best Beauty Brand – Dove – 676,215 new Fans

Dove is a brand that understands women and promotes natural beauty and confidence. What’s more, Dove started to use famous female endorsers, who perfectly secure the brand´s continuous growth on Facebook.

6. Best Alcohol – Skol – 511,783 new Fans

Skol is a massively engaging brand and it didn’t stop growing in June either. This month, Skol’s innovative marketing rebranded slightly to Skooler and introduced a cooling system to keep the drink cold and refreshing during hot summer days. And the fans? They Love it!

7. Best Luxury Brand – Gucci – 500,581 new Fans

The Gucci Men’s S/S 2013 collection presented on Facebook during June proved to be a good move to keep the fans coming as: “A rollicking Mediterranean mix of color, print and clean-lined silhouettes, the collection is guaranteed to put you in a vacation state-of-mind.”

8. +9. Best in Retail Food – Magnum (485,184) and Starbucks (482,621) new Fans

Well that´s easy: Who wouldn’t be in the mood for cold ice cream or a cooled Frappuccino during the summer?

10. Best Sport Brand – Nike Football – 480,480 new Fans

With the EURO 2012 running through June, Nike took advantage of every bit of Championship’s popularity to drive fans to its Facebook page. Another good example of great social marketing that keeps your brand growing!

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