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Facebakers.com Story

As you might now, Facebakers.com is a portal run by Candytech (fb page), who is one of the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants. We founded the company 2 years ago, and this portal was launched in November, about a year ago. During this time, we have moved and shifted a lot.

We started as a small production company in the heart of Europe – Prague for Facebook applications, we did a few of those for different local clients, now slowly for more and more global clients. We love creating those viral apps, and we hope this will keep coming, although the highest value we find is in our technologies. 4 people started the company, all of which you can see at the Contacts page. Right now Candytech and Facebakers together have all combined 29 people, mostly dealing with the Facebakers.com portal and global business opportunities.

In recent months, you probably could see focus to our Facebakers.com Analytics tool for Facebook pages. More will come, and they’ll be even more interesting, and we are planning more and more updates to our tool.

We are now creating partnerships with local and global bloggers and social media portals. We have been contacted by about 100 so far, so if you don’t have a reply, don’t worry, it’s coming soon.

We are dedicated to provide to you both great global, and also local statistics, so we are open to any feedback, which you can send to us directly, write it on our Facebook page, or write it in the discussion board of our Facebook page.

We thank you very much for the long-growing support. We have now reached 15 000 fans on Facebook, and our site is getting well over 250 000 hits every month, and still growing.

We will even try to provide more industry related content (though not planning to make this very editorial, but strictly keep it to market analytics, which is the heart of the Facebakers.com portal). We also have a new logo, we hope you like it – in the end you voted for it :-).

Facebakers logo

Now what are we going to do? We’ll be implementing a modest redesign in the next weeks, as well launching a couple new industry metrics, wait for it, and stay tunned on our site and on our Facebook page!

Thanks again!
Jan Rezab, Jiri Voves, and the Facebakers team

Staff Writer

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