How To Get The Socially Devoted Certificate

Socialbakers is rewarding Socially Devoted companies with a special certificate. How can you get it?

How To Get The Socially Devoted Certificate

A few weeks ago, Socialbakers introduced a new standard to customer care on Facebook based on the results of our three month study. We collected data from over 9 thousand Facebook Pages (brands and media) across all industries from March 1st to May 31st 2012 to see how companies leverage the interactive nature of the biggest social network and respond to questions from their fans. The results were shocking! Up to 70% of fan questions don´t get responded to and 25% of global Pages go as far as closing their walls and ignoring their community (if you can call it that way when it’s more of a monologue)!

Only 30% of Questions on Facebook Got Answered

During the three months, brand and media Pages on Facebook received 1 574 775 questions in total, only 477 478 got answered while over a million (1 097 297) were left without a response. That means that over 9 thousand Facebook Pages have a 30% Response rate altogether!

Rewarding Socially Devoted Companies

That´s a very low number considering that Facebook is meant for a two way communication process between the company and its customers and fans. Nonetheless, we decided to reward the companies that have contributed to the 30% Response Rate and that are devoted to their fans with a Socially Devoted certificate!

How To Get The Certificate

To get the certificate, you have to have met the following criteria in the last quarter (Q2):

  • Have an open Facebook wall to Fan posts
  • Reach at least a 65% Response Rate
  • Have at least 50 questions posted to your wall during Q2
  • Fill in the form on our website

Other than that, you should also respond to questions as fast as possible, ideally within 10 – 30 minutes but the industry benchmark is set to over 1 day now. It´s an important component to the Socially Devoted standard, but it´s not a criterion to receive the certificate. This is a field where we all need to improve!

Fill In The Form (From Monday July 30th)

To find out whether you met the criteria for the Socially Devoted certificate, fill in the dedicated form on our website which we will release next week! Check our Facebook Page on Monday July 30th for the link and more information!

Update: you can now fill in the form by clicking this link

Wondering what you could do with the certificate?

  • Celebrate the success with your community – let them know how much you care about them
  • Show your competition that you meet the new standard
  • Prove to the management that your hard work has paid off
  • Share it with your social media team and give them a reason to be proud!

To discover the most Socially Devoted companies, visit our special website where you can gain insight into the TOP 5 most devoted brands in each industry with their Response Rates, Response Times, numbers of fans and replied questions. The website also describes the metrics we have applied and includes related articles to the topic. If you want to check out the metrics for your own company and are not in the list, use Socialbakers Analytics PRO to find out!

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