Fans’ Cheers Reached Nearly 3 Million on the Day of Opening Ceremony

Curious to find out how many people cheered on Twitter and what topics created the most social buzz? Our CheerMeter tracked millions of London’s tweets to bring you fascinating insights from the beginning of the Summer Games!

Fans’ Cheers Reached Nearly 3 Million on the Day of Opening Ceremony

Last week, Socialbakers launched the CheerMeter – a social media tool that tracks and analyzes real-time global Twitter buzz around sports, athletes, nations and brands. Our analysis of the Opening Day Ceremony revealed that fans posted more than 1.9 million tweets relevant to the games! The buzz peaked a couple of minutes before the start of the ceremony, reaching over 100,000 tweets per hour! Tweets about the Opening Ceremony ranked second with more than 600,000 mentions, while London and its associated buzzwords reached more than half a million, ranking third overall on the list of top mentioned words on the day of the Opening. According to our analytics, fans’ cheers reached 2,698,029 mentions, which correspond to 84 keywords.

Scroll down to see the list of top 10 Twitter buzzwords on that day and the number of mentions they received.

Did fans really like the Opening Ceremony?

Here are some actual tweets from the day of the Opening Ceremony that came from fans who showed their emotion and excitement for the Games:

A fantastic end to a magnificent #Olympics opening ceremony! Brilliant job #London! What did you think, folks? (6407 followers)

I’m watching 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony (13732 others checked-in) #GetGlueHD (928 followers)

I feel bad for any future Olympics Opening Ceremonies that try to top J.K. Rowling’s reading and Voldemort’s return. # … (110 followers)

RT @PaulMcCartney: The Olympics have begun! Did you enjoy the show? #olympicceremony #PaulMcCartney (744 followers)

…Wait are these the London Olympics or the Middle Earth Olympics? (105 followers)

#London is doing wayyyyy tooooooo much singing #OpeningCeremony not a good start -_- (68 followers)

Cheering for team McCartney at the summer olympics. #waittheresnoteam #what #hedeservesateam (101 followers)

I feel like I can be learning about UK culture from this. #OpeningCeremony (68 followers)

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