Get to know your Facebook audience with Market Insights

Be a step ahead of your competition with our brand new Market Insights tool now available in limited beta!

Get to know your Facebook audience with Market Insights

Great news for our clients! Today, we are launching a limited beta version of our new Market Insights tool available only to our existing customers. Market Insights is designed to help you create even more effective Facebook advertising campaigns. The ‘social network’ reached 955 million monthly active users last week and continues to grow, so a much better understanding of both local and global audience demographics and their interests is crucial. This tool provides you with a real competitive advantage by giving you detailed audience insights, improved campaign targeting, monitoring and campaign performance comparisons across audiences.

Get To Know Your Audience

Embrace the dynamics of your growing Facebook community and campaigns, discover their unique characteristics and harness the data to identify new target groups for your campaigns. Market Insights enables marketers to filter audience data by interest and drill down to track how those interests are evolving in real time by country, gender, age group and other demographics in order to optimize your advertising performance. To illustrate how it works, imagine you are launching a campaign for a new digital camera. Wouldn’t you want to know which demographic you should target? Market Insights could tell you that your Facebook campaign would be most effective when targeted at women aged 18 – 24 in May in Australia.

As Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab points out, “This new product gives a massive amount of valuable insight to help optimize campaigns to Facebook’s huge user base, and without the right tools to make sense of all the right information, it gets stuck in a confusing labyrinth of little use to marketers,”

With Market Insights, you can:

  • Follow your market over an easy-to-use dashboard that can compare up to 4 markets at a time;
  • Benchmark a specific market against the global market;
  • Easily identify your target market to optimize the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising;
  • Measure the return on investment on your campaigns and adjust accordingly;
  • Reveal the activities and interests of specific age groups, nationalities, and genders across markets, tracking their evolution in real time;
  • Find out family status, analyze gender ratio and penetration on Facebook across all demographic groups;
  • Find out who recently celebrated their birthday on any given day;
  • And much more…

No More Guesswork

Market Insights pulls detailed advertising and interest statistics into an easy-to-understand dashboard that correlates demographics, trends and top interests based on user activity. Marketers can use Market Insights to compare local audiences against global markets and slice and dice the data to create customized market-to-market comparisons.

Measure ROI for Facebook Advertising

Beyond giving marketers the ability to refine audience targeting like never before, Market Insights also details campaign effectiveness to help brands clearly measure their return on investment for Facebook advertising and adjust their campaigns accordingly. As Jan Rezab puts it: “Now you can see with hard numbers what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments to both advertising and content to better engage with real people more effectively,”

We will be adding and aggregating knowledge of the social market, not only on Facebook, but across other platforms as well to constantly improve this tool. We will add more functionality and flexibility, such as aggregating the average number of ‘likes’ and more newsfeed analysis, so you can better follow the reach of your campaign.


So, check out the free product demo from and sign up for the beta by contacting and start using Market Insights today! Please provide us feedback via our Facebook and Twitter profiles, and enjoy the new tool!

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