Article: Posting updates to your Facebook wall

After you fill in all the necessary details for you Fan Page, you are ready to publish your first Facebook wall post. Go back to your Facebook Page and click in the box where in the heading there is the option of Status, Photo/Video and Event, Milestone...

Article: Posting updates to your Facebook wall

If you click on the Status option, you have there an area wher you can write your Facebook wall post, you can set a place to your wall post and set who can see this post. So write something you want your fans to see/know and post it.

There is one thing you should know before you will post a link to some webpage. Do not insert the link in the plain text but insert the link in the text field – a thumbnail and a short caption appears under the text box, which will be posted on your wall along with your comment you can write, instead of just entering the plain address link.

This is how you should not post a link on a webpage.

And this is how you should really do it.

In the Photo/Video option, there are three additional options you can select – Upload Photo/Video, Use Webcam and Create Photo Album.

The last option is the Event, Milestone + option. There you can create a new event, add a new milestone and ask a question to your fans.

If you are familiar with your normal Facebook account, you should be familiar with all of those options, because all of them are the same.

Editing your Facebook wall post

Once you post something to your Facebook wall, you don’t have to worry that you can make some mistake and not be able to correct it. If you find out that you have made a mistake or for whatever reason you want to change your Facebook wall post, you can edit it, or even delete it. To do this, you just have to hover on the wall post and in the upper-right corner two small icons will appear. Click on the ‘pen icon’ and there will appear some options of editing your wall post. You can choose your post to ‘Pin to Top, change date to where you want the wall post to appear on your Timeline, add a location to your post, you can also Hide it from the Page and you can also Delete it. The last option is used mainly for other Facebook pages’ and peoples’ updates, where you can Report/Mark as Spam. However, it is not likely that you would report or mark as spam your own wall post.

Do you know how to create Facebook Group?

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