Top growing countries on Facebook in October

List of top growing countries on Facebook in October.

Top growing countries on Facebook in October

We saw some big changes in Facebook population in October. Let’s look at a list of countries with biggest gains of Facebook population in absolute numbers.

Not surprisingly, USA is the number one growing country on Facebook in October. Total gain of almost 4,5 million people gives US a comfortable lead before the number two in our list – Indonesia. We kept an eye on Indonesia for the last couple of months already. Their Facebook population growth is stunning and their rapid growth has been confirmed by moving onto the 2nd place in the overall Facebook population list shifting United Kingdom to the 3rd place overall.

3rd position in our TOP 15 list of most growing countries on Facebook belongs to Mexico, closely followed by India and Germany – which is also leader of the European list. All of these countries gained more than 1,5 million users.

Following positions are occupied by Philippines and Brazil – last two countries in our list which achieved gain of over 1 million users.

3 European countries – France, Italy and United Kingdom are closing the TOP 10 followed by Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and Poland. These countries experienced gain of over half a million users on Facebook.

In general, trend in most countries has returned to a rise of population after a short fall which many countries experienced in September.

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