New Free Features And Facelift On

Check out all the new features on that will make social media monitoring even easier!

New Free Features And Facelift On

The iPhone wasn’t the only thing to get a facelift this week. The Socialbakers website has also been rebuilt from the ground up with a fresh design along with some new, exciting features! We’ve rebuilt the site based on feedback from the socially devoted and the entire SB community, deciding to give the new features back to the community for free as a big thanks to you all. The homepage has remained more or less the same so you will still have all the statistics, monitoring tools, social media updates, resource center and more at hand. The real changes happened ‘under the hood’ in the subpages to provide you with a more intuitive and comprehensive experience while browsing through the social media data.

1. Bookmark The Pages You Want To Track

You can now bookmark Facebook Pages, Twitter profiles or YouTube channels while visiting their respective statistics sections. Bookmark as many pages as you want, to create your own customized overview of the pages that interest you and to have all their details just a click away. Once you are logged into Socialbakers, click the book icon that pops up when you move your mouse to the rank and start “bookmarking”. To see all your selected pages and track their social media performance, go to the Bookmark section located in your profile panel in the left top corner of

2. Compare Up To Three Twitter Profiles

Brands are never isolated and are always being influenced by the entire market, therefore Benchmarking is a key feature of Socialbakers. This is why we added the option to monitor Follower growth for up to three Twitter profiles at a time. Just click on the profile in the Twitter statistics section to access their details, scroll down and compare up to three profiles to see how fast your brands or competition are growing.

3. Suggest What You Want To Monitor

Are we missing a Facebook page, Twitter profile, G+ profile or YouTube channel in our statistics? Then suggest a new one by hitting the Monitor New Page button which is now more centralized, faster and user friendly so that we can deliver what you need. Visit the Bookmarks section above it (in your profile panel) to see the status of your page or categorization suggestions.

4. Rate And Recommend Brands

Offer brands your valuable feedback by rating them and express the likelihood of recommending them to your friends. Click on the Page you would like to rate in the Facebook statistics section. Rate as many pages as you “Like” since it will navigate you to our Brand Rater application on Facebook. You can also see the brands your friends like, discuss them, share references, collect points and gain badges to show how brand savvy you are.

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