5 Most Engaging Facebook Photos Of Summer 2012

Check out the most "Liked" photos during the Facebook summer season!

5 Most Engaging Facebook Photos Of Summer 2012

Summer is almost over so we decided to look into our statistics for the most engaging photos posted by brands from June 1st – August 31st 2012. As a Socialbakers fan, you already know that photos are the most engaging post type on Facebook and that they also tend to be the most viral content.

Babes In Arms: Engaging Fans For A Cause

Babes in Arms is a distributor of award-winning baby carriers in Australia and New Zealand supporting the idea that babies should be carried close to their parents’ hearts. The company aims to minimise “baby gadgets” in order to evoke more intimacy and love for the whole family. The photo below engaged most of the 7.5 thousand strong fan base in summer. Babes in Arms supported Red Nose Day in Australia by sharing this photo which asks Facebook users to Like their Page. The organisation dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children plans to celebrate its 25th birthday with a 25 thousand fan milestone. Over 40 thousand Liked the cause and generated an Engagement Rate of 637.24%.

Post: “Can you help Red Nose Day Australia? Simply hit “like” and help them achieve their 25th birthday wish.”

Muffin Break: Challenging Fans With A Game? Over 1 million Likes!

The Muffin Break store in Australia not only serves up freshly baked muffins and roasted coffee, but also engaging content on its Facebook Page. Would you believe that a Page with about 130 thousand fans could ever post a photo generating over one million Likes?! Well Muffin Break did with a game asking their fans to find the word “Facebook” in the word maze. That’s an unbelievable Engagement Rate of 227.48%!

Post: “How fast are you?”

Naturkompaniet: Remembering The Good Old Times

Swedish Outdoor equipment shop Naturkompaniet asked its fans to Like its status update if they still travel with the old fashioned backpack in the picture below. About 24.5 thousand sentimental Facebook users seem to be hiking the old-fashioned way and helped generate an Engagement Rate of 201.37%

Tip: If your brand or product has a long history, don’t hesitate to post an old picture – people love to remember the good old times and it expresses individuality and an unforgettable atmosphere.

Post (translated by Google Translator): “How many of you have ever walked with an old-fashioned ramryggsäck? Press the “Like” so we can see how many there are.”

Nixon Polska: Celebrating Children’s Day With A Contest

During summer, watch and accessory brand Nixon engaged their fans in Poland with a contest to celebrate Children’s Day because apparently, kids love gifts. The photo below offered some Nixon giveaways for Facebook users who would Like the photo, Share it and comment on it on their profile. But don’t get fooled by the number of interactions it generated and the 186.37% Engagement Rate, as the contest is violating Facebook promotion guidelines. Brands can’t use Facebook´s features (for example Likes or Shares) for their promotions. The only way you can hold a contest on Facebook is through an application on the Facebook platform.

Post (translated by Google Translator): “NOTE! quick mini contest. Children’s Day today, and the kids love gifts – so that´s a more enjoyable weekend for someone today fast competition – the winner. Limited is set Nixon Rubber Player Blue, Headphones Nixon, Whip Blue and Case for iPhone + voucher for 50% on any watch Nixon to use up to 6 June! Here are the rules: First Like the photo, Share it on your Profile and then Comment on it on your profile. At the end of the day we draw. Good Luck!”

1 Utama Shopping Centre: Protecting Their Clients

The 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Malaysia has a reason to be proud. The photo below shows the shopping center’s security team who spotted a suspicious vehicle in their car park. When they approached it, the car tried to escape but the security guards set off after the suspects, eventually caught up with them and handed them over to the police. They then found out, that the vehicle had been stolen from 1 Utama’s parking lot. Their Facebook Page posted this photo as a thank you to the fans who expressed words of encouragement and as a reassurance that they will continue to look out for the safety of their shoppers. Over 11 thousand Likes, 8 thousand Shares and about 1.7 thousand Comments appreciated this approach and generated an Engagement Rate of 203.96%.

Tip: If your employees have accomplished something special, share it with your Facebook community. They don’t have to chase after suspects to deserve respect; it could be anything minor that expresses the human and caring approach of your brand.

Post: “Dear 1 Utama shoppers, Thank you for the positive comments and encouraging words for our security team over the recent case which took place yesterday night. We are dedicated to do our very best to upkeep the safe environment at 1 Utama and will definitely continue to do so. Here’s a quick update to keep everyone informed: At 10.15pm on 8 August 2012, our security spotted a suspicious vehicle loitering round the car park and approached the car to investigate further. The car had four passengers inside. When the suspects saw our security, they sped off in their car and tried to escape. Our security guards on foot and motorbikes as well as guard dog units immediately launched into a high speed chase and caught up with the suspects. Desperately attempting to flee, the suspects’ car rammed into a car park divider. The suspects were then successfully apprehended by our security team and handed over to the police. Found in the car, a previously stolen vehicle, were two parangs. The suspects were also caught on CCTV surveillance cameras. Always be vigilant. Let us help one another to keep 1 Utama a safe place for all. Should you see any suspicious activity, we urge you to report and contact our customer service or security team immediately. Thank you. Sincerely, 1 Utama Management”

Why These 5 Photos?

Why did these 5 photos make it to the top engaging summer photos on Facebook? They are all relevant to the brand they are representing: it´s natural for the company Babes in Arms to support a cause for children; the word maze is definitely something people enjoy doing during their muffin or coffee break; the old-fashioned backpack is something hikers around the world associate with their hobby; Nixon announced a contest for its products and the shopping centre expressed its human and personal approach when it introduced its employees and supported them on Facebook.

Plus, as you might have noticed, some of the posts include an incentive to Like it, e.g., “Hit Like when you find Facebook” or “Can you help Red Nose Day Australia? Simply hit “like” and help them achieve their 25th birthday wish.” Facebook users love to engage with content that challenge them (the Nixon contest, the Muffin Break word maze), ask them to express their support (the Red Nose Day) or their individuality/lifestyle (Naturkompaniet).

Tip: When creating a post and selecting the right photo, try to think like your fans and ask yourself, “What would the fans like to see?” In other words, personalize your posts but separate yourself from the brand and think like a fan!

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