Fansourcing: Put Your Facebook Fans To Work

Fansourcing can bring fan engagement to a completely new level.

Fansourcing: Put Your Facebook Fans To Work

If your brand is interested in obtaining the opinions and suggestions of its fans while increasing traffic to its various available social media platforms, then crowdsourcing might be one of the best marketing strategies for you. And, it’s fun!

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is similar to outsourcing, but used primarily in the social media world. Basically, it is an online job or duty given to fans of the brand to eventually secure a decision regarding an upcoming product or event. Crowdsourcing is an engaging and fun way for consumers to be part of the brand and the decision-making process. Fans love to feel connected, whether it is to the brand itself or the brand’s community; crowdsourcing does just that in an enjoyable way.

Facebook is an ideal platform for brands to include their fans in product development since it is, after all, where fans spend the majority of their time. When fans of a brand interact with this process via Facebook it is aptly referred to as Fansourcing. It has recently proven to be an effective marketing tool with big-hitter brands like Elle magazine, Sam Adams and Volvo resorting to the clever approach.

Elle Magazine: Fans Planning Next Photo Shoot

Elle magazine is currently running a Facebook app called Watch and Vote asking fans to decide which fashion pieces, themes and accessories should be displayed in their December spread. Elle will also feature the final choices in a live-streamed photo shoot via Facebook. The magazine is running various contests, including an interactive contest via Pinterest, alongside the fashion choices to sustain momentum until voting comes to a close. Of course, fans must first Like the Facebook page before entering the contest.

According to Socialbakers Analytics Pro, Elle’s Facebook page has received over 11,000 new Likes since the contest began on September 7.

Sam Adams: Make Fans Create Your Product

Boston beer company, Sam Adams, in a similar situation, allowed fans to create a beer using a Facebook app. Fans could choose the color, malt and various other beer characteristics. The Facebook update announcing the contest received the most Shares for the entire month of January. Bringing fans into the creative process isn’t the only benefit of fansourcing. With such an interesting development, the product will forever have an exciting story behind it.

Volvo: Gather Data About Your Fans

Volvo recently launched a campaign asking people to discuss what items are kept in their cars. A Facebook app called You Inside provides an interesting platform for people to upload pictures of the insides of their vehicles in exchange for their personality profile. Users don’t have to own a Volvo car to join the global study and to find out if they are e.g. a long distance traveler, tidy explorer or smart communicator. The results will provide Volvo with a deeper insight into their customers and the products they are likely to enjoy in the future. For example, if most people mention they keep sunglasses in their cars, Volvo can later implement an improved sunglasses holder in their new vehicle models. The campaign gets fans involved in a social network and offers Volvo important data about their customers.

In other words, include your fans. Give them an active role in the creative process and product development. They will respond and your brand will benefit!

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