Secret Social Marketing Tips: Best Post Frequency

Secret revealed: How often should you post on your Facebook Page?

Secret Social Marketing Tips: Best Post Frequency

According to recent studies, people are starting to visit brands on social networks more often than on websites. Why? Because it’s the place where you can listen and interact with them. But to deserve the “Like” and your fan’s loyalty, you need to find out what content works for your audience and how often you should post on your Facebook page. Just like in a relationship, you should neither neglect your partner, nor go to the other extreme and spam their news feed. You need to find the right compromise between what you want to say and what your fans are willing to listen to and engage with.

Brands Post 1.3 Posts A Day

When looking at the data from August, brands post 1.3 updates a day on average. But does this number of posts guarantee high engagement? As you can see in the graph below, what works for one industry doesn’t necessarily work for another. For example, renowned automobile brand BMW posts on average almost 3 times a day, but Cartier engaged its fans most in August with only 2 posts released during the entire month (0.06 posts on average per day, resulting in a 1.97% Engagement Rate). But don´t get fooled, that doesn´t mean that a lower post frequency automatically increases engagement either.

Out of the top 50 most engaging global brands on Facebook, we chose the following to show you how different posting strategies can work for a brand.

So, More Posts Don’t Always Mean Higher Engagement

For example, BMW (almost 3 posts a day on average) and Nissan (0.77 posts per day) post more often on their Facebook pages than their industry competitor, Lamborghini (0.26 posts per day), but end up with a lower Engagement Rate (1.21% and 1.07% respectively compared to Lamborghini’s 1.33% ER). Which means that they shared some high quality content that simply met their fans’ expectations.

Remember, each business is different and you need to listen to your fans and gauge their reaction to adapt the right posting strategy. To find out which one works for you, consult Analytics PRO – it can track down your brand’s most engaging hours, days of the week and much more.

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