Facebook Fake “Likes” Purges Begin – Pages losing 100K Fans in 24hours

No more spammers and distorted engagement. Facebook is doing a great thing by eliminating those that fail to legitimize themselves.

Facebook Fake “Likes” Purges Begin – Pages losing 100K Fans in 24hours

Back in August, Facebook estimated the number of illegitimate accounts at 83 million, representing 8.7% of its 955 million active accounts. After the surge of criticism that raised concerns about the success of Facebook’s targeted advertising model, the platform started to delete fake “Likes”.

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According to Socialbakers Facebook daily statistics, the major pages affected are celebrity pages with large fan bases. Shakira, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber profiles are examples of the fastest decreasing pages within one day. The full daily rank can be found here. Another category represents Games pages on Facebook. This comes as no surprise since it’s a well-known fact that many users create duplicate accounts to play games in anonymity. The biggest slump had Texas HoldEm Poker that lost more than 100 thousand fans in just the past 24 hours!

In most cases, daily fan decrease represents less than 1% of their total number of fans, however, we expect this number to grow further in the coming days.

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Positives for Brands

By deleting thousands of duplicate and user-misnamed accounts, Facebook started to address multiple concerns about the effectiveness of its platform. Another very positive outcome relates to Page engagement rate. By eliminating fake fans, brands will gain better insight into how many people are truly active and what percentage of their fan base engages with their brand on a regular basis. Further on, pages will gain more accurate views as to their performance and impact of their marketing initiatives.

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