TOP 10 Growing Countries On Facebook In September

Facebook had a very interesting month in terms of user growth, see for yourself!

TOP 10 Growing Countries On Facebook In September

According to Socialbakers Facebook statistics by country, Indonesia had the highest increase with an impressive 7 604 380 user jump over the last month (+19.14%). Socialbakers typically sees around a 5%-10% rise in Facebook user growth by country, so this piece of data is off the charts! However, the increase may come at a not-so-ideal price. According to the BBC, Indonesia and Turkey have the highest number of fake Facebook accounts. But the numbers of their users haven’t dramatically decreased although the social network was deleting the fake “Likes”.

Second place spot goes to India who trailed far behind with a 3 169 180 user growth increase. With India receiving Google maps navigation and its first Amazon Kindle store, it is no wonder the country has more of a web presence! Third place goes to the United States with a 2 515 400 increase in user growth.

As Socialbakers mentioned earlier this year, Brazil is growing! Fast! With a user growth increase around 1.6 million in September and consistently ranking on our fastest growing chart, Brazil is really getting its name out there!

Tightly trailing Brazil is Japan, hitting the #5 mark with an increase of over 1.5 million! Because Socialbakers reported Asia being the largest continent on Facebook, the increase makes sense! Watch out Brazil, you’ve got competition!

Mexico makes an appearance on the September chart. An extremely popular vacation destination, Mexico ranks #6 with 918,760 more users than the previous month. Travelers do not leave home without their laptops or smartphones, hence the Facebook activity. We wonder how many beach pics were uploaded!

View our Facebook Statistics page to view the entire list of user growth by country and feel free to comment below with your own ideas and analysis as to why growth is happening in these markets.

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