9 Ways Audience Analysis Can Transform Your Marketing

Getting to know your target audience is the most critical step you can take as a marketer. From lowering your ad costs to sparking meaningful conversations, here are nine ways how audience analysis can transform your business:

9 Ways Audience Analysis Can Transform Your Marketing

1. Increase the ROI of your Facebook ads

Knowing the interests and behaviors of your target audience can help you finetune your Facebook audience targeting. When targeting your Facebook ads, go beyond demographics and delve into topics and content your users engage with. This way, you’ll be able to increase your Facebook relevance score and improve Facebook advertising costs to maximize your return on investment.

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2. Build better relationships with your target audience

Building relationships with your audience is very much like making friends: the more you know about the other people, the easier it is to find a common ground, earn trust, and develop an authentic connection.

3. Create more relevant content for your target audience

Knowing your audience’s demographics, interests, and location can help you better understand what users are looking for, and deliver value through relevant content. It also allows you to craft more personal messages when customers increasingly demand to see the human face of brands.

Last but not least, running audience analysis across digital channels is key to learning how users’ behavior differ on various platforms. This way, you can succeed in defining specific audience personas for each platform, create tailored content, and find a strong brand voice that resonates with your audience.

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4. Boost your social media conversions

Understanding your audience also means being aware of the customer’s journey. To maximize conversions, you have to be able to separate those who are ready to buy, from those who need additional awareness. The knowledge you have about your target audience is necessary to drive users towards conversion and improve your social media ROI.

5. Get more organic visibility in the News Feed

Thanks to audience analysis, you can learn what gets your users talking. This information is key to crafting content that generates more comments and surfaces in the Facebook News Feed organically – a valuable benefit in the light of the platform’s January algorithm update that limits brands’ organic reach.

6. Do more of what’s working with your target audience

Being aware of your audience’s interests and engagement behaviors means you can work more efficiently by automating the way you work. You’re also able to save time and resources by moving away from sending irrelevant messages, which is a practice that can make 61% of users unfollow your brand on social media.

7. Discover niche audience segments

Audience analysis is a great way to discover niche user segments you might not even know exist. Finding out what users have in common will help you understand what makes them unique and produce customized content. Who knows, maybe the newly discovered user group will become your perfect audience?

8. Improve your SEO ranking

When creating content, you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and understand what they’re searching for. The more information you have, the easier it is to come up with relevant content ideas, figure out the right content format and placement, and optimize your messages to be found across channels. And the best part? You can earn the coveted spot on the first page of Google.

9. Gain a competitive edge

Doing cross-channel audience analysis is crucial to getting the lead over the competitors who are targeting the exact same audience. Who will win users’ attention and eventually turn them into customers will be largely decided by having clearly defined audience personas. Don’t let the competitors get ahead – start learning about your audience now!

The Takeaway

Audience analysis should be the cornerstone of any marketing activity and strategy. Being able to understand what’s relevant to target audiences is what differentiates great marketers, and what can set your business on a path to success.

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