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Facebakers renames to Socialbakers, help and share this!

Today, we are changing our name from Facebakers to Socialbakers.

This is not just another blog article for us – no. Facebakers, which you might not know, is run by Candytech, a facebook marketing firm who is a Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant. For us, having a good relationship with Facebook is very important.

In cooperation with Facebook, and to avoid any confusion, we are changing our name from Facebakers to Socialbakers.

This means Facebakers, “the” place for Facebook statistics, is being renamed to Socialbakers and will be found on www.socialbakers.com. The old site will be redirected and Facebook page renamed. All of our services remain the same, the name is the only difference.

Continue reading, there’s an action! We need your support, our fans, our users – please, go and share this article on Facebook, or share it on Twitter, or blog about it.

Please, help us spread the word so people know we’ve rebranded. This is the only marketing vehicle we’re using, so let’s put it to an ultimate test.

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