Top Growing Countries on Facebook in November

Here is the list of top growing countries on Facebook in November.

Top Growing Countries on Facebook in November

Another month has passed and again we have seen some interesting development in Facebook population around the world.

Below is the table of top growing countries on Facebook in November:

First position of top growing countries on Facebook still belongs to the United States. Their growth of more than 3 million people in November remains undefeated and they easily keep their comfortable lead.

Second position on the list also remains the same – Indonesia keeps its fast growing pace and gained another 1.6 million people. Third position belongs to India (+1.5 million people), followed by Mexico (+1.2M), Brazil (+1.2M) and first European country – Germany (+0.9M). TOP 10 list continues by Turkey, Russia, Philippines and France.

Russia experienced massive gain of Facebook people – more than 800 000 new accounts absolutely but what is even more stunning – it makes a gain of whole 25 % of their current Facebook population which is the biggest percentage gain in the TOP20 Facebook countries list.

South Korea is also worth mentioning – their gain of more than 0.5 million users (change of 23 %) moved this country to the 43rd position overall with more than 2.3 million users.

Another countries with big percentage changes in November were Brazil (14 %) and Poland (10 %).

Global Facebook population is still on the rise, currently reaching to 582 438 460 users.

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