Facebook’s Rising Potential In Latin America [NEW Infographic for Q3]

The New Socialbakers Infographic and analysis for Q3 2012 reveal Facebook’s tremendous growth helping brands build momentum in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Facebook’s Rising Potential In Latin America [NEW Infographic for Q3]

Our newly released data prove again that Facebook is a powerful platform that impacts businesses and spurs international growth in the LATAM region. In just the past four months, Facebook’s user base in Latin America and the Caribbean grew by 20 million, from 168M in June 2012 to 188M monthly active users in October 2012, representing 19% of Facebook’s one billion population.

Scroll down to see the NEW Infographic for Q3 and compare with the previous one from June 2012 and access more insights into the best performing brands, industries and their Engagement Rates on Facebook in Latin America.

Latam Q3

To download the infographic, click here

To download the infographic released in June 2012, click here.

Key Facebook Findings: Brazil dominates Facebook growth

Our study covers the region’s growth on Facebook along with user demographics, country populations, top industries, brands and checked-in places. Further on, the data provide an overview of Facebook’s most important metrics such as brand Engagement Rate and industry Questions Response Rate. A closer look at the country statistics reveal that Brazil is the most populated (more than 58 million users) as well as the fastest growing (7.4 million of absolute growth) country on Facebook. What’s more, 10 out of 10 brands and media by number of Facebook users come from Brazil!

Telecom is the most responsive industry in Latin America

In the first half of 2012, we conducted a study to find out how brands are leveraging social media to improve their customer care. With the study, we introduced the Socially Devoted standard and identified brands and industries that meet the set criteria. Yesterday, we released new Socially Devoted data that revealed that 48.1% of customer queries are now addressed by the companies surveyed as opposed to only 30% just last June. That’s a 60% increase. Read the full analysis here.

We noticed the same trend in most of the industries in Latin America as well. Media, Automotive, Fashion, Airlines, Telecom, Electronics and FMCG industries significantly increased their overall Response Rates! In Q3, Telecom brands provided the best customer care for their fans. The industry responds to 48.6% of questions posted. The next best results were achieved by Beauty brands (44.8%) and Airlines (42.9%) Response Rate.

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