Top 20 Christmas Gifts According to Facebook!

Holidays are over and now it is time for us to evaluate the beautiful Christmas time as it happened on Facebook.

Top 20 Christmas Gifts According to Facebook!

We did a small analysis of brands on Facebook in the Christmas time (Dec 23rd – Dec 31st 2010) and tried to find out which brands (and possibly which gifts) were the most popular this year.

Here is a list of top 20 gifts which gained the most likes over Christmas vacation:

If we focus on the typical Christmas gifts, we can see a big rise of Playstation fans (over 250k new fans!), its rival Xbox also appears on thi list on the 5th position with gain of more than 157k new fans.

Mobile phone manufactures are heavily represented in this group. Blackberry is the leader with (189k new fans) followed by Sony Ericsson (+179k), Samsung Mobile Global (+82k), Nokia (+76k) and LG Mobile Global (+57k).

Typical gifts from the fashion industry are also not missed. We see many fashion brands including Converse and Converse All Star, Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret Pink (no doubt a very popular Christmas presents), Lacoste, ZARA and H&M.

Furthermore, we see quite a lot of automobile brands. Well I guess who wouldn’t like to find a nice car with big red ribbon under his Christmas tree? Most popular were Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ferrari.

So all of these were the most popular Christmas gifts according to Facebook. We hope you guys had a pleasant Christmas time and found at least one of the above-mentioned brands under your tree.

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