And The Socially Devoted Awards Go To…

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And The Socially Devoted Awards Go To…

On Tuesday October 23rd, we hosted our first Socialbakers conference! Engage 2012 was a great success with many inspirational speakers, case studies, effective social marketing campaigns, hard data, a backstage peek into Nestlé´s social media headquarters and much more! If you missed it or you want to see the full recap, read our blog post updated live Engage 2012: The Socialbakers Conference. We will also post the link to the video on our Facebook and Twitter accounts very soon so that you can watch it again.

The Engage 2012 conference culminated with the first ever Socially Devoted ceremony. Together we increased the Response Rate from June’s 30% to 48% in September! Do you believe we could get it to the almost ideal 75% early next year?

Below is an overview of all the winners of Q3 and you can see the whole ranking at You can even switch between quarter two (Q2) and quarter three (Q3) to see how the results have changed over time and check out the infographic showing how industries have developed as well.

The Most Socially Devoted Brands

Now, without further ado, here are the winners:

1st Place: Personal Argentina

Personal Argentina is still the most Socially Devoted Brand and it even increased its Response Rate and improved its Response time! During Q2, they answered 89.13% of the questions posted to their wall in an average time of 85 minutes. That was a great result to begin with but in the last three months Personal Argentina became even more Socially Devoted responding to 92.83% of the queries in about 56 minutes. This brand is simply setting the benchmark higher and higher, which is exactly what we need.

2nd Place: Comunidad Movistar Argentina

Comunidad Movistar Argentina – another mobile operator in Argentina taking care of its fans and customers! Is that a coincidence or should we learn more about social media customer care from this industry in Argentina? They haven’t responded to more questions than before, but they have grown by almost 200 thousand fans and received double the questions in Q3. They still managed to respond to most of them which is what made them move from the 5th position to number two in our ranking.

3rd Place: Claro Guatemala

It’s official: The telecom industry won all the three awards for the most Socially Devoted brands across all industries. Claro placed 3rd thanks to responding to 72.95% of the questions posted to its Facebook wall in Q3. That is less than three months ago (96.99%), but it is still an award-winning result!

The Airlines Industry

1st Place: KLM

KLM became the most Socially Devoted airline of Q3! Although it’s a few hundred fans stronger and had to respond to more questions, KLM´s Response Rate increased from 94.14% to 96.34%. It takes them to do so one minute longer, but the 28-minute Response time definitely deserves a gold medal. The airlines surpassed Mexican low-cost airline Volaris which fell from 1st to 5th place.

2nd Place: Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific, an airline from the Philippines, is a big surprise considering that it didn’t make it to the top 5 in Q2. But its Response rate of 85.46% definitely deserves to be here.

3rd Place: Alitalia

Italian airline Alitalia has improved its social media customer care and moved from 5th to 3rd place! They now respond to 87.32% of questions as opposed to the 78.44% during the second quarter. And they do so faster – it takes them about an hour less than before.

The Telecom Industry

The winners of the telecom industry are actually the brands mentioned at the beginning as the most responsive brands overall. In fact, the telecom industry had the best social customer care in Q2, but it has been surpassed by the airlines and finance industry in the last three months. Sounds like a challenge for Q4!

  • 1st Place: Personal Argentina
  • 2nd Place: Comunidad Movistar Argentina
  • 3rd Place: Claro Guatemala

The Automobile Industry

This ranking has undergone the greatest shift – none of the winning brands appeared in the Q2 ranking. Nevertheless, 1st place still goes to Mexico! The automobile industry doesn’t receive many questions, so it could definitely do a better job in managing them.

1st Place: SEAT México

SEAT México is currently the most fan-devoted automobile brand, responding to 65.04% questions in 506 minutes on average!

2nd Place: Ford de México

Ford de México achieved a higher Response rate than SEAT México but it also received fewer questions which makes it no. 2 in our Socially Devoted ranking!

3rd Place: ADAC

The German Automobile club (ADAC) responds the fastest to its Facebook fans in the top 3.

The Retail Industry

1st Place: Tesco

The Retail industry is led by Tesco with a fan base of 966,453 and an average response time of 111 minutes. Tesco, the #3 most Socially Devoted retail brand in Q2, leaped to the #1 spot by increasing their fan base and response rate. With a Q2 Response Rate of 82.11%, Tesco increased that rate to 87.15% in Q3, nearly twice as effective as the 44% industry standard.

2nd Place: DM-Drogerie Markt Deutschland

Dropping from 1st place in Q2 is the 2nd place most Socially Devoted brand in retail, dm-drogerie markt Deutschland. DM scored a 67.12% response rate by maintaining a response time of 147 minutes, blowing the industry standard of 755 minutes out of the water!

3rd Place: Woolworths

3rd place is awarded to a retail brand that was not present in Q2, Woolworths Australia’s Fresh Food People. Woolworths achieved a fan base of 241,570, a response time of 586 minutes and a response rate of 89.95%.

The Electronics Industry

1st Place: Acer Indonesia

Acer Indonesia ranks #1 in the Electronics industry with an impressive 95.10% response rate. Acer’s response time was 23 minutes with a fan base of 816,820 in Q3. Although Acer slightly increased their response time, they also increased their response rate, which helped them maintain their #1 position from Q2.

2nd Place: Sony Mobile

Ranked #2 in Q3, as well as in Q2, is Sony Mobile. With a large fan count of 7, 051, 098, Sony Mobile achieved a 64.46% response rate and a response time of 395 minutes. Sony Mobile increased their fan count from Q2 by over 280,000 and increased response time by 11 minutes.

3rd Place: Samsung Turkiye

3rd place in Electronics goes to Samsung Turkiye, who held the #4 spot in Q2. Samsung Turkiye achieved this spot with a great response rate of 78.59% and a response time of 116 minutes. This was a nice improvement from the Q2 data of 213-minute response time and 71.25% response rate.

The Alcohol Industry

1st Place: Tanduay Rhum

1st place from Q2 sustains its success in Q3. Tanduay Rhum Official holds the #1 spot with 35,629 fans, up from 26,714 fans in Q2. The alcohol brand responded to fans within 748 minutes with a response rate of 80.25%.

2nd Place: Samuel Adams

2nd place in the alcohol industry is Samuel Adams. Sam Adams did not appear in Q2, so the 2nd place title is quite impressive. The brand’s fan count for Q3 was 368,100 with a response rate of 88.45% and a response time of 501 minutes.

3rd Place: Captain Morgan GB

The third most Socially Devoted brand in the alcohol industry for Q3 was Captain Morgan GB. Also not featured in Q2, Captain Morgan GB steals third with a fan base of 116,377 and a response time of 372 minutes. The brand’s response rate was an impressive 84.31%.

The Finance Industry

1st Place: FNB

Q3 was very similar to Q2 in the Finance industry. The first place spot goes to FNB, who also held #1 in Q2. FNB saw a fan base of 209,564, up from 95,783 in Q2. The Finance brand had a response rate of 88.72% for Q3, which improved from 83.29% in Q2. Response time improved from 203 minutes in Q2 to 144 minutes in Q3. Improvements all around!

2nd Place: Santander Brasil

2nd place in Q3 was also the 2nd place winner in Q2. Santander Brasil made all the right improvements to become Socially Devoted. An 84.49% response rate in Q3 was an upgrade from 77.14% in Q2, as well as the response time of 270 minutes in Q3 down from 555 minutes in Q2.

3rd Place: DNB

3rd place in Q3 goes to the holder of 5th place in Q2. DNB jumps two spots by increasing fan count to 97,496 from 54,092. DNB also began responding to fans 15 minutes quicker with a response time of 48 minutes, down from 63 minutes in Q2. Their response rate for Q3 was an outstanding 98.22%, up from 94.95% in Q2.

The FMCG Industry

1st Place: IDEAL perfumery&cosmetics

The Fast Moving Consumer Good industry is led by IDEAL perfumery&cosmetics. The first place holder had 118,040 fans with a response time of 469 minutes. The cosmetics company attained an 87.50% response rate as well for Q3, which was twice as good as the industry standard of 42%.

2nd Place: Lactamil Mama Care

2nd place for this industry is Lactamil Mama Care. This brand is backed with 30,888 fans and a response time of 731 minutes, beating the industry standard of 1,045 minutes. Their response rate is a nice 82.49%.

3rd Place: Aku Anak SGM

The third most Socially Devoted brand in the FMCG industry is Aku Anak SGM. The children’s brand gained a fan base of 78,359. Their response rate for Q3 was 77.51% with a response time of 340 minutes.

Congratulations to all the Socially Devoted Brands! We look forward to see what Q4 brings, check out the criteria that will qualify you as Socially Devoted and possibly get you the SD award here!

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