Eminem Out-Likes Lady Gaga

Check out the most Liked celebrity posts for last week!

Eminem Out-Likes Lady Gaga

For many reasons, celebrities can disappear from the magazine covers just as fast as they can appear on them. They either don’t get cast for interesting movies, don’t record any catchy songs or they simply want to take a break from all the media attention. This is why social networks represent a great way of connecting them with friends, family and fans without having to appear in the daily news. These are the celebrity posts that generated the most Likes from October 15th – 21st 2012:

1. Happy Birthday Eminem!

2. Lady Gaga Brainstorming With Her Little Monsters

3. Megan Fox Announcing She Gave Birth

4. Felix Baumgartner Became A Tired, But Happy, Celebrity

5. Justin Bieber: See You At The Show!

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