Obama Wins the Presidential Election as well as Social Media

Not only did Barack Obama win the 2012 US presidential elections, but he triumphed in social media as well.

Obama Wins the Presidential Election as well as Social Media

In case you didn’t notice, Barack Obama has been reelected as the President of the United States for a second term, defeating his rival Mitt Romney. As great as this achievement might seem, it is not the only one he accomplished.

Currently, Obama’s Facebook Page has 32,949,317 likes, which is nearly three times more than his rival, Mitt Romney, with 12,097,837 likes. So it only makes sense that Obama has used his Page for declaring his victory in the presidential election. He posted a photo of him embracing his wife Michelle, captioning the photo with just three words: “Four more years.”

At his time, the photo has 3,926,561 likes, which makes it the most ‘liked’ photo in the history of Facebook. We must say that this is quite a social accomplishment. However, it doesn’t end with this.

Obama has been using Twitter throughout the entire campaign as well, now having 22,887,645 followers and he posted the same photo on Twitter as he did on Facebook. Good move!

This Twitter photo now has 778,065 retweets, making it the most retweeted post on Twitter, beating the Tweet of the previous “leader” of this micro-blogging site – Justin Bieber. Again, we must say that this is another big social triumph.

Nonetheless, in the course of celebrating his victory, he didn’t spread the word to his Google+ account with 2,338,386 followers, leaving this social network behind, which is a bit surprising. This omission left his Google+ supporters without a chance to congratulate him. Nevertheless, we could forgive him, since he focused on the ‘big’ social networks and breaking two records at a time. We from Socialbakers congratulate Barack Obama on his reelection!

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