All Crisis Concerns Out on the Virtual Roundtable

All Crisis Concerns Out on the Virtual Roundtable

This crisis is something totally new to all marketers, and the only way to get through is if we share our struggles and solutions with each other. With that in mind, Socialbakers gathered a panel of social media experts to discuss how they’re dealing with the current situation.

The discussion includes how to work with your own remote teams as well as what brands should be communicating right now. We also discuss what trends that are occurring during this pandemic may stick around after it’s gone.


Key Takeaways From This Discussion:

  • It’s a great time to test because so many people are engaging with social media
  • Be supportive and also don’t be afraid to be entertaining
  • Context is super important; be mindful of the current situation in the country that you’re communicating with
  • Work environments are challenging right now so be open to discussing the bad days with your team; you’re in this together
  • There’s a level of personal and professional discovery happening right now that people and businesses are going to take with them

What Impact Has COVID-19 Had on Marketing Worldwide?

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