Audience Insights: The 2020 Marketing Guide

Audience Insights: The 2020 Marketing Guide

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What do digital marketers need to know about their audience, how can they find that information, and how can they leverage it? These are the crucial questions that Socialbakers addresses in Understanding Audiences: The 2020 Guide.

This guide breaks down how to learn more about your audience – interests, demographics, sentiment, and more – and then how to see through the noise of that data to make actionable decisions. It comes at a time when marketers are under immense pressure to learn more about their audience to understand how the coronavirus pandemic has altered the digital marketing landscape and consumer behaviors.

In order to deliver ROI, it is now crucial to stay up-to-date to any changes in behaviors and to have a clear framework to fully understand your audience’s needs. That starts now.

Here are a few insights, but download the full guide to take the necessary steps towards understanding your audience in an actionable way.

How Much Did Consumer Behaviors Change?

The global pandemic disrupted everything, including the way that consumers interact with brands.

Being largely stuck at home naturally changed habits – for example, 52% of people expect to adopt new shopping habits post-pandemic, according to a Valassis survey. Other changes include 42% of people saying that they’ve increased usage of social media, and 87% of people saying that they appreciate brands that go out of their way to deliver timely information during these often confusing times.

Keeping up with these changes is one of the top challenges facing digital marketers today.

Meet Expectations From Marketing to Customer Care

The expectation gap

What businesses absolutely need to avoid is the expectation gap. In the experience management framework, it is referred to as the delivery disparity between what people expect from interacting with your brand (marketing, product, customer service or anything else) vs. the experience that they actually get.

Audience research is the exact antidote against the problem. It is the necessary knowledge you need about customer expectations that informs your marketing campaigns so that you can engage with your audiences in a way that will leave a desirable impression and drive the customer journey forward.

Experience Intelligence and Management in One Place

CEM Tools

The audience research and all consumer insights gathered all along the customer journey have to be actionable, at near instant speeds.

It’s crucial that marketing tools today allow teams not only to gather audience intelligence but also manage those journeys – from marketing experiences to care experiences.

This is the only way to quickly close the expectation gap. If tools are disjointed or managed by different teams, it’s unlikely that the data will actually be used to ultimately improve experiences.

The third layer that has to be covered by your marketing technology is experience measurement through analytics like sentiment and frameworks like the voice of customer research.

The Takeaway

It’s clear that the value of customer experience management is infinite for marketers. By keeping up with changing interests, using social listening to analyze trends and diagnose the voice of customer feedback, and quickly adapt to what’s working (or not) marketers can give themselves the best chance to succeed by meeting, and exceeding, customer expectations.Download the report to get a full grasp on how to understand audiences in 2020, and, when you’re ready, contact Socialbakers to get a consultation from our experts.

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