Black Friday’s Biggest Retail Brands on Social Media

We’ve all seen the absurd lines outside of retail giants, such as Target and Best Buy. You want to be the marketer who can create engaging posts and potentially persuade your customers to wait in line so they can get those exclusive deals. Use this chance to develop the most engaging Black Friday campaigns to attract more customers this year.

Black Friday’s Biggest Retail Brands on Social Media

Before you start creating your Black Friday campaigns, the reports below show the relationship between audience engagement and the number of Black Friday posts. It will be able to show you whether your brand stands in the category of a sophisticated social marketing strategist (Hunter) or a first-timer in the Black Friday season (Rookie). 


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Among the top 25 pages during Black Friday of last year, we have found the most interesting Black Friday campaigns from the biggest retailers below:

Lojas Americanas

This notorious Hunter in the retail industry has served its customers in Brazil for 90 years. Even though Brazil doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving like in the US, Black Friday is the second most crucial date in Brazilian retail (besides Christmas). Last year, they had re-branded Black Friday with their traditional, catalog-style Instagram, which has the highest engagement compared to its competitors on the report.


Advice: Lojas Americanas has over 7 million followers on Instagram. Just imagine the number of reactions, messages, or comments they receive daily, and it can get overwhelming. So before Black Friday hits, you can check to see how your community management is doing this past year.

Foot Locker

Most families will always check out doorbuster deals at Footlocker. Although Footlocker didn’t post as much Black Friday content, this Instagram post was one of the top Black Friday posts of 2018. With the help of a celebrity artist, our analytics has shown that it gained over 169.3k interactions!


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Havan is a thriving Brazilian retailer that uses American icons that always humors its audience. Whether it’s clothing, home living, or everyday essentials, Havan shoppers know where to go for the best deals. Black Friday is their time to shine with entertaining Black Friday campaigns — especially with America’s Statue of Liberty.


Advice: Coming up with multiple Black Friday campaigns can be draining. To keep that engagement high, each piece of content needs to be unique. Luckily, we have a Black Friday content tool for you to use anytime.


Walmart is one of the sole veterans of Black Friday, and its Facebook engagement lands right into the Hunter category. A classic shopper would always check for the prices at Walmart, but with on-going retail rivalry, Walmart always finds a way to get their customers into their doors.


Advice: Competing against big-time retailers can be intimidating. But when it comes to creating social campaigns, it’s essential to focus on your audiences, such as interests, affinities, and influencers. Discover new characteristics of your audience with our online persona tool to drive your engagement high during Black Friday.

The Takeaway

Massive retailers will always have the engagement on their social platforms, but finding the balance between engagement and post frequency can be challenging. But we’ve made your work easier.

Take your first step in creating your Black Friday campaigns by discovering where you currently stand amongst your competitors this season.

Try our free quadrant report tools now — Facebook Quadrant Report & Instagram Quadrant Report.

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