10 Brands That Rule on TikTok

10 Brands That Rule on TikTok

Home to one billion users and available in over 150 countries, TikTok has taken the world by storm. The creative platform contains over 800 million monthly active users and has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times worldwide. If your brand has yet to jump on the hottest growing trend, it’s not too late. 

There’s no better time than now to begin building a presence on TikTok. While the platform might seem like all fun and games, it is proving to be a powerful tool for brands.

And there is lots of untapped potential to reach audiences in new ways, either by creating content in house or by partnering with TikTok influencers that your audience is already connecting with.

Brands on TikTok Leading the Way

The following list of brands have harnessed the power of TikTok to boost organic reach, drive meaningful traffic, and share a unique brand personality. Some brands have been building their TikTok following from the beginning, while others started their channels very recently.

It just shows that there are a lot of ways to be successful, whether the brand lets an influencer be the star or turns the camera around on its own fans.

Prepare to be inspired! 


The NBA embraced TikTok early in the game, which explains why it’s gained more than 10 million followers and nearly 200 million likes. Unlike what you’d typically see on the league’s Instagram and YouTube channels, the NBA keeps things casual on TikTok. They share amusing and motivational content of players on the court, and even included a chihuahua dunking a basketball during halftime.


Milo throws it down! 🐶🏀 ##nba ##dog ##fyp

♬ MOMENTUM – Quantrelle

The Washington Post 

This newspaper knows how to keep its nearly 450,000 followers entertained, producing comical videos of their employees playing pranks in the office, or more recently entertaining themselves at home in self isolation.

The brand incorporates trending news stories into short skits to not only entertain but inform followers. If you’re looking for a light version of the news, The Washington Post’s TikTok has it covered. 


A great way to avoid exposure to coronavirus ##papertowelchallenge

♬ Paper Towel Challenge – qwestar


This fitness brand has managed to rack up more than 1.5 million followers and nearly 25 million likes on its TikTok page. Gymshark’s content ranges from sharing hilarious fitness memes to silly workout challenges.

Beware, this fitness brand knows just how to get views by giving followers the impression that their athletes are about to perform some impossible task, but the video cuts before they can do so. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!


Which one are you? Let us know in the comments 🤣 @richard_duchon @steve_kris_official ##gymshark ##gymshark66 ##cardio

♬ Get Up (feat Chamillionaire) – Ciara

How to Work With Influencers on TikTok

MAC Cosmetics 

This beauty brand recently jumped onto the TikTok trend and fans are loving it. MAC has gained nearly 40,000 followers and more than 125,000 likes. They share videos from behind the scenes at runway shows, fans using their products, and tons of makeup inspiration.

If you’re a fan of beauty experts like Patrick Starrr, then don’t miss out on MAC’s creative TikTok page


On to Paris! @romerojennings ##afterthefunction ##macbackstage

♬ WALK FOR ME – liam_xz


This burrito chain is urging their 360,000 followers to take part in “Less Tok, More Guac”, a slogan we can certainly get behind!

Despite the chain recently joining the platform, it reached 2.8 million likes thanks to delicious videos of burritos, guacamole, and queso. Chipotle’s TikTok is a great example of how a food chain can connect with customers online. 


Come back for chips part 2 ##foryou ##guac ##chipotle

♬ Pump – Valentino Khan

Calvin Klein 

This fashion house just recently joined the TikTok family, and has already secured nearly more than 13,000 followers. Calvin Klein’s TikTok page features videos of some of their most popular models, such as Kendall Jenner, Shawn Mendes, A$AP Rocky, and Billie Eillish.

While their TikToks are true to the brand personality, they are not particularly different than that of their Instagram content. 


##statements on hair, via ##kendalljenner. our now. ##mycalvins ##calvinklein

♬ original sound – calvinklein


This German automobile company has taken a unique approach towards TikTok, launching the hashtag campaign #the1challenge. The campaign encourages TikTok users to post short videos of themselves showing off their best dance moves with the BMW Series 1.

This is an excellent example of successful low-budget marketing. 


Beauty and the Beast 🤩 but who is the Beast ? 🤪 ##THE1challenge ##BMW ##The1 ##patrox

♬ Originalton – patroxofficial


Crocs is doing the most on TikTok and killing it. The comfortable shoe brand has employed Post Malone, a famous rapper, as their brand ambassador and have since launched the viral hashtag challenge #ThousandDollarCrocs.

They even released Easter themed Crocs, collaborating with the traditional Peeps candies. Their content is consistent, hilarious and relatable. Crocs is certainly blazing the trail for other retailers entering TikTok. 


The ##ThousandDollarCrocs challenge starts today. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! @adamw

♬ original sound – crocs


This high-end fashion brand is not only experimenting with TikTok but also the viral hashtag challenges. Burberry launched the #TBchallenge to promote their new Thomas Burberry Monogram collection.

While the brand is quite new to TikTok, they have racked up 23 thousand followers and an even more impressive 225.7 thousand likes. 


Ready for the ##TBChallenge? Master the Thomas Burberry Monogram now

♬ Some Velvet Morning (feat. Kate Moss) – Primal Scream


The car brand, which has over 90,000 followers on its TikTok page, got big results from its #MBStarChallenge, which highlighted influencers creating its iconic logo in a variety of creative ways.


Join us for the ##MBStarChallenge and show us how you let our star shine! ##MercedesBenz @Laurie Elle

♬ Shape like a shining star – Mercedes

The Takeaway 

Whether it’s a silly meme or informative news, TikTok has space for nearly every audience.

The platform is growing exponentially and if you’re not hopping on the bandwagon, you’re missing the chance to entertain or inform a lot of potential customers. Don’t miss out on any organic growth or meaningful traffic.

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