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Finding The Right Engagement Rate for…

Not all brands are created equal, and neither are the definitions of social media success. Finding the right engagement rate for your brand’s Facebook page largely depends on these factors: fan size, post frequency and industry. Using data from over 43,000 Facebook Pages of various sizes and industries, we’ve identified healthy engagement rates to help benchmark your brand and better quantify social media success this year. After all, we’re not all selling sexy cars (you'll see) - so it's time we stopped acting like user engagement is a one-size-fits-all metric.

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The State of Social Advertising 2014

Socialbakers surveyed over 500 marketing professionals, spanning 82 countries and 20 industries to better understand where social media is heading in 2014. The State of Social Marketing, Part One, concerned the priorities and practices of marketers. Part Two defines the state of social media advertising, from how Fortune 500 companies operate with no social advertising budget to why Twitter struggles to attract advertisers.


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