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Can Benchmarking Your Ad Spend Change How You Calculate Your Social ROI? image

Can Benchmarking Your Ad Spend Change…

Advertising on social media is growing into a $100 billion business. Budgets for social media spend are increasing, and CMO’s are expecting their teams to divert more time and resources to demonstrating that their efforts on social are making a business impact. Being able to link media activity to business benefit - the elusive ROI of social - has become the central task in marketing.

Social Media is the Toughest Job in Marketing image

Social Media is the Toughest Job in…

Social media advertising today is bigger than the newspaper industry - and it’s only a few years old. Social is fast becoming a significant part of digital marketing, and as more companies are starting to think “social first,” it tests the role of the social media manager - one that is changing fast and requires a new set of tools for marketers to keep pace with what their companies expect of them.

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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Might Not Be Converting image

5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Might…

Facebook’s advertising platform has become crucial for digital marketers. It provides effective and narrow targeting, is successful for lead generation, ROI, and its pixel tracking enables you to directly measure your results. However, despite its versatility, often you find your efforts fail. We narrowed down 5 reasons why your Facebook Ads are not converting.