How the NFL and Other Major Leagues Are Winning on Social image

How the NFL and Other Major Leagues Are…

Sports of all kind are ingrained in American culture. Fans across the nation are not only cheering for their favorite teams from the stands – but are also taking to social media to show their support. Using Socialbakers data we have analyzed the social media performance of Major League sports. Get the behind-the-scenes facts in our latest infographic and find out which teams are winning off the field.

Battle of the Most Engaging Television Shows on Social Media image

Battle of the Most Engaging Television…

If there is one thing 2017 has not been short of - it’s great television. We took our eyes off the screen to take a look at how the newest shows are performing on social media. Are the best-reviewed shows raking in the most engagement? Or are they getting more love from critics than their social fans? Read on to find out how the latest shows are performing across Facebook.

The Social Media Data Behind Retail Brands and Holiday Content image

The Social Media Data Behind Retail…

Retail Brands across the entire globe are lighting up their social media pages for the holiday season. While the retail industry is increasing their content output during the most celebrated days of the year - they are missing out on the year-round gift-giving season! Read on to learn what Retail Brands are doing right and find out where they fall short.

How to Increase Reach and Never Miss an Impression image

How to Increase Reach and Never Miss an…

We've all been there before. Hovering our cursor over the "Schedule" button wondering if the time we have selected is the right moment to publish. Unfortunately, our gut feelings aren't always accurate and can often cost us organic impressions and reach. Luckily, with the right tools you can put an end to your social media gambling habits and post with precision.

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Add Depth to Your Reporting with Campaign View and Labels image

Add Depth to Your Reporting with…

Every company has different data needs in terms of what translates into success on social media. That’s why Socialbakers Solutions provides marketers with a fully customizable reporting experience to help you track beyond the page or post level. Get even deeper insights by grouping types of posts into sets using Labels and compare results, side by side.

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