How Influencer Content Has Put Fashion And Beauty Brands Ahead On Instagram image

How Influencer Content Has Put Fashion…

Marketers are seeing the growing demand from audiences to share more authentic and transparent content. They face the constant challenge of staying relevant and competing for attention on the News Feed, which is becoming increasingly more difficult. However, today content creation is no longer just in the hands of brands and agencies, influencers are having a key role in the stories brands communicate.

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How Do Brands Regram on Instagram?

Instagram announced late November that they would be testing out a new Regram button. While some are rejoicing for the change, others are not in support of a new feature. To give you a leg up on the approaching Regram button, we dug up some data from brands that have already been embracing this practice. Now that regraming is as easy are pressing a button the real question is - does it pay to regram?

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Know What to Post on Instagram with…

It’s no secret that creating quality content can set you apart from your competition, therefore making your job significantly easier. However, coming up with scroll-stopping content to compete in the 24-hour social media space can be a challenge. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your Instagram Feed then you are in the right place. Below, we evaluate what’s working on the iconic visual platform.

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The Social Media Data Behind Retail Brands and Holiday Content image

The Social Media Data Behind Retail…

Retail Brands across the entire globe are lighting up their social media pages for the holiday season. While the retail industry is increasing their content output during the most celebrated days of the year - they are missing out on the year-round gift-giving season! Read on to learn what Retail Brands are doing right and find out where they fall short.

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5 Steps to Creating an Authentic Story…

If you want to appeal to your audiences on social, it's not enough to be engaging. It's not even enough to publish a lot. Today, savvy marketers know they have to capture users' attention through storytelling - and the more authentic they sound, the better the results. Read on to learn how to create a compelling story for your brand in five easy steps.

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