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5 Free Social Media Tools to Bookmark

If you thought there’s no such thing as a free lunch, think again. Despite the money you have to pay for an all-around social media marketing suite that does everything from A to Z, you can find free social media management tools online that won’t cost you anything. For those marketers that look for a quick and free solution, we have an entire section available. But to make the process even easier, we rounded up the top 5 free tools below:

Guide to Improving Your Facebook Advertising Strategy image

Guide to Improving Your Facebook…

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular channel for social media advertising. Today, it is being leveraged by 6 million businesses who are actively trying to win the attention of over 2 billion users, mainly with the help of paid content and ads. These numbers alone show just how competitive Facebook marketing is, and the platform's recent Q3 2017 Earnings report indicates this trend will only intensify, making it more challenging for marketers to stand out in their audiences' News Feeds.

An Era of Social Media Optimization (SMO) Is Ahead: What Can We Expect in 2018? image

An Era of Social Media Optimization …

If not so long ago brands were still debating how much effort, time and financial investment they should commit to social media marketing, today marketers will agree that it’s an inevitable if not central part of any digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing has matured, and the conversation has shifted. The debate is no longer about its value, but about maximizing the results of social media marketing and finding the route to success in an environment where the increase in demand for ad space is outpacing the supply of the audience’s attention.

How Industries Are Spicing Up Their Holiday Content on Social Media image

How Industries Are Spicing Up Their…

The holidays are a special time of year, and brands are constantly scrambling to get their content and campaigns right. During the most joyous season, Facebook audiences yearn for Christmas content that will evoke emotion, or help inspire gift ideas. That’s where savvy social media marketers can step in. To see how digital elves are spreading cheer, we took a look at some of the best-performing posts by industry. See which Christmas posts made it to the top and learn their secrets to improve your own holiday content marketing.

End the Guessing Game: The Best Time to Post on Facebook  image

End the Guessing Game: The Best Time to…

Every social media manager has asked the same Facebook marketing question: when is the perfect time to post to maximize reach and engagement? All strong marketers want to give their posts the visibility they deserve, meaning that they shouldn’t leave it up to chance. We reveal how social media marketers can best use AI-driven insights to know when to post on Facebook. The era of publishing guesswork is over!

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