How Social Media Audiences Reacted to the State of the Union Livestream  image

How Social Media Audiences Reacted to…

Last Tuesday, Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union Address. The speech was not only broadcasted on television networks across America but was also streamed Live on Facebook. Using Live video analytics we were able to get a detailed look into audience interactions and the results are telling. Find out how Facebook audiences interacted with the historical moment in real-time.

6 Ways to Improve Your Videos on Facebook With Dynamic Benchmarks image

6 Ways to Improve Your Videos on…

Facebook video is a hot topic on social media. Ever since, Facebook assured marketers that the trend is guaranteed to carry over to 2018, everyone has rushed to find out how they can build more videos to meet the content demands of their audiences. However, as output increases, so does the need for valid measurement techniques. To get even better at what you do you need to know how your videos stack up to the rest of the market. Do you need to turn up the frequency of your videos, or scale back on spending? Find out where you stand and get tailored recommendations that will help you transform your video insights into action.