How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads Strategy from Start to Finish image

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads…

Facebook is one of the most effective digital advertising channels. With the vast number of daily active users, marketers can reach a multitude of different audiences with content that is relevant to them. Knowing which ad objectives to choose and how to measure your results can make all the difference in helping you make a strong impact in the crowded social media environment.

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5 Steps to Creating an Authentic Story Around Your Brand image

5 Steps to Creating an Authentic Story…

If you want to appeal to your audiences on social, it's not enough to be engaging. It's not even enough to publish a lot. Today, savvy marketers know they have to capture users' attention through storytelling - and the more authentic they sound, the better the results. Read on to learn how to create a compelling story for your brand in five easy steps.

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Why Marketers Need to Think About "Chatbots" Now image

Why Marketers Need to Think About …

People are chatting about chatbots. They are the new shiny toys of digital media and have everyone scratching their heads, wondering how they can incorporate this new technology into their own marketing strategy. While these AI-powered talking machines have been slow to catch on, they have a huge potential to change the entire social media landscape. Here's why you should be thinking about chatbots sooner rather than later.

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LinkedIn Metrics Now in Suite for…

LinkedIn is the largest professional-oriented platform, with over 500 million members and counting. Marketers are continuously using the platform in new ways to communicate with prospective employees and alumni, brand their companies, engage their communities, and find valuable leads. And savvy marketers can use Socialbakers Suite to get all of the most important LinkedIn analytics in the same place as they get the rest of their social media data!

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Add Depth to Your Reporting on Facebook…

Every company has different data needs in terms of what translates into success on social media. That’s why Socialbakers Suite provides marketers with a fully customizable reporting experience to help you track beyond the page or post level. Get even deeper insights on Facebook and Instagram by grouping types of posts into sets using Labels and compare results, side by side.

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Why FMCG Brands Won the 2016 Social Bowl  image

Why FMCG Brands Won the 2016 Social…

Every year sponsors eagerly prepare their marketing campaigns for the biggest American football event of the year. Big game advertisers have masterfully used social media in tandem with their television commercials, using their content to prolong hype and raise awareness. To find out who won the Social Bowl - we compared engagement from official FMCG and Auto sponsors to see which brands took home the trophy!