Creating a Common Thread to Connect With Your Audience

“(Content) that they can actually buy into that then is related to your brand, I think that's where the future of content marketing is heading.”

Creating a Common Thread to Connect With Your Audience

All the pieces matter to Ben M. Roberts, the head of marketing at Talkative and author of the book “Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority”.

Each step along the content value chain must line up with each other to create a universal message that truly means something to the company and, as a result, to its customers.

After presenting at Socialbakers’ Engage Paris 2019, Ben shared his thoughts on how a brand can establish authority with its audience and the future of content marketing:

What advice would you give brands trying to establish authority?

I think the thing is finding something you can stand for, so I’m a big advocate of a common thread. It’s a purpose or principle, something that people can understand, that they can echo back to you and it just resonates with people.

So it’s not just something that you say, ‘We believe in this’, it’s something that people would actually say back to you.

And then you can leverage your knowledge of the market, of trends, of the audience within that in order for people to echo that back to you.

It all fits in together, so that’s how you build authority and influence over time.

It’s finding a thing, a common thread, a purpose, a meaning that people will sing back to you, and then you can share your knowledge about that so it shows you’re showcasing your knowledge, people understand it and then that all comes together in this perfect storm, which is your common thread essentially.


What’s the future of content marketing?

I think the future of content marketing is heading into one where we’re not pushing stuff out there as much. We’re really focusing down on what is true to us and our business and then what our customers really care about.

Again, I’m a huge advocate of this common thread, something that has a purpose and a meaning. We stop producing content about all these different things and we’re really focusing on, it doesn’t necessarily have to be focused on one little niche, but something with a purpose.

For example, it could be environmental sustainability and we could talk about natural beauty, we could talk about all these things to even data protection.

That encompasses quite a range of things, but the content is gonna be quite focused in that narrow range.

It’s not necessarily a niche – it can be – but it’s going to narrow it down a bit.

We’re not gonna be producing content about everything and it’s going to be content, as well I believe, that people are gonna be interviewing each other more.

I guess, in the end, a bit like this because this shows people can resonate with that, that people can build trust, likeability and there’s an authenticity, and knowing that someone is having these real-world conversations.

You can buy into them, you can understand who they are and now if you just read an article and it doesn’t have any emotional impact or it’s not empathetic, you can’t resonate with it, people will slide by.

But stuff that they can actually buy into that then is related to your brand, I think that’s where the future of content marketing is heading.

What are the biggest challenges of creating content?

So I think one of the biggest challenges of creating content is finding that emotional spark, that something that resonates with your audience.

Because it’s easy to produce content, it’s easy to mass produce stuff but something that really resonates, has an emotional impact that people can really buy into a story, a thought, a feeling.

That’s what I think is really important when you’re creating content. I think it’s one of the biggest challenges brands face is, how do we create something that people really feel something for?

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Head of Marketing for Talkative

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