Content Intelligence: What it Really Means for Digital Marketers

Marketers today have an amazing job. If you define amazing as full of challenge. Jobs with opportunity across 20+ channels and that’s social only! But we know that marketing doesn’t start or stop with social only. Digital marketing has transformed, we’ve all heard about digital transformation and leveraging data to make decisions. Are marketers today really using audience insights and data to drive and sustain their performance in an ever-changing landscape? The answer is a resounding ‘yes, absolutely!’ - and that’s because they have to…

Content Intelligence: What it Really Means for Digital Marketers

The Marketer’s Challenge With Audience Analysis

Audiences have become powerful! They expect brands to reach them with authentic, engaging and personalized content. The way audiences are interacting with that content – and their behavior – is transforming business strategy, and social media gives us insight into this development.

Audience expectations are shifting the way businesses and institutions are engaging with the world. It has changed the world! As marketers, we have to focus on that voice, on that behavior. We need to be in lock-step with our audiences to capture, hold and move their attention towards a specific action (i.e. conversion or other marketing objective).

There are plenty of marketers leveraging data and consumer insights from audience analysis to achieve the right objectives – but many are not. At this point today, without a comprehensive understanding of your audience, you will just be spending countless resources on creating irrelevant messages for the wrong audience. This can be detrimental to your future marketing activities and harm your brand image in the eyes of the prospective customer. You need to put your audience interests first, remember their voice is louder than ever and mutual love goes both ways…So how do we do this?

With so many channels and ways to reach your target audience, how do you:

  • ensure your messages resonate? 
  • keep abreast of all the changes and events across a multi-channel network? 
  • determine if your budget is yielding the desired ROI and reaching the objectives you’re responsible for?

Simple, by being smart. Just be smart and we’ll crush targets. Easier said than done, right? Well, no! Let’s walk you through the how, it’s easy!

Content Intelligence Is The Path For The Future

It’s easier now more than ever, to understand your audience from their behavior and interests to what they want, with the right tools that process the data for you and identify the buyer persona. With this audience profiling, you will be able to craft engaging content and conquer your objectives. 

Create Campaigns Your Audience Personas Will Love

The actions our audiences are taking on our content speaks volumes, and we’ve got to listen. The trending adage “content is king” has evolved. Yes, content was king, but that king is dead. There’s a new reign, Content Intelligence is the new king, long live the king

What Is Content Intelligence?

Content intelligence

are the insights marketers conclude from the actions people make on content (engaging by Reactions, Comments, Shares) and audience analysis. This intel has been helping marketers, guiding them on this journey with their customers.

They’ve shown marketers that they need to be more authentic in a world of declining trust. They’ve put the power in reviews, word of mouth, subject matter experts – the influencer. They’ve shared their own content and marketers were thrilled with the so called User Generated Content and added it to their content mix. Their actions and engagement with Live video has moved us.

But we are only aware of these audience expectations because we have the intelligence that comes from aggregating and measuring content performance, defining what works and what doesn’t, and then iterating. Social media marketers have got to work smarter; they’ve got to be agile in content and messaging in a world where our audiences are a continuously moving target.

How Has Content Intelligence Made Us Smarter?

Content intelligence

is answering the tough questions we face every day in our lives as marketers. It not only informs decision making – it predicts outcomes! Here is what content intelligence can help us solve:

  • What audience will you talk to today on social media? 
  • What type of content will you share with your audience?
  • When will you publish your content to reach your audience effectively? 
  • Where is your audience, which platforms are they using? 
  • How much budget should you spend – and on which content – to deliver the best results? 
  • How can you demonstrate the value of your activities and if you’re reaching your objectives? 

Let’s break this down by each question which can take an organization hours to answer in the traditional approach. With content intelligence, you can answer these difficult questions at scale and more effectively.

1. What audience will you talk to today on social media?

Knowing your audience is the most important pillar of content performance! Activity of your audience across your historical content is telling. Derive persona from the digital multichannel network to determine their demography, their gender, age, most importantly their interests. Knowing this greatly helps you align relevant content to what interests them. Try letting AI define your buyer personas, identify what content they engage with, their interests, and influencers they trust. Learn more…

2. What type of content will you share with your audience?

Knowing your audience persona and their interests, eases content and campaign creation. The digital space carries 100s of millions of examples of great content you can leverage for content inspiration. With a data-driven approach, you can ensure that content creation is a breeze with an understanding of which segmented audience you’re targeting. Learn more…

3. When will you publish your content to reach your audience effectively?

Timing is everything! Audience behavior happens across the hours of the day and night. Knowing when the majority of your audience is active and interacting with your content is now identifiable. Publishing at the right time and day of the week will significantly increase visibility and the performance of your content. Learn more…

4. Where is your audience, which platforms are they using?

Your audience may be on a single platform or all of them. Where are you seeing the best audience engagement? Knowing what content works doesn’t mean it works for each platform. We learn a lot from what is working across the various platforms – now linking content from one to the other is emerging and so is repurposing content to drive more performance with less work. Learn more…

5. How much budget should you spend – and on which content – to deliver the best results?

Understanding how much money marketers need to spend – and on which content – to achieve the best results, is possible. This shows the value you’re bringing back to the brand and how you’re meeting business objectives effectively. Learn more…

6. How can you demonstrate the value of your activities and reaching your objectives?

Answering this question with social media reporting becomes enjoyable. There is value from the activities we create; not only from the brand, but our audience is more engaged and finds value in our messaging. Learn more…

The Takeaway 

The big question is, are we really leveraging the data to simplify our job and benefit our audiences? Again the answer is YES. We are seeing a growing trend where brands are bringing the creative back in house. They are learning and understanding their audiences because the data is more readily available and processed more quickly from multiple sources. Brands are taking control of their destiny and owning a more effective content strategy. This trend is a key indicator of the benefit of content intelligence.

Do you have the content intelligence in place to answer those daily questions? Are you able to ensure the content you publish – or promote – across digital channels will pay off?

Can you say whether the content you’re serving your audience is relevant and not spammy? If the answer is not yet, what’s stopping you? Get a free report to see how your Facebook content is performing against up to four competitors. We have an opportunity to all work smarter and have a responsibility to provide a better experience to our audiences.

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