Report: State of Social Media Marketing a Year Into Coronavirus

Report: State of Social Media Marketing a Year Into Coronavirus

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It’s no exaggeration that the previous year tested even the most experienced marketers. As businesses had to shift to adapt to a predominantly digital environment, many faced hurdles and challenges to create marketing experiences that successfully that adapted to new consumer expectations.

The data in this study reveals the magnitude of the shift to the digital marketing environment. For example, Facebook ads reach worldwide grew by 30%, including increases of nearly 100% in some regions (North America and the Middle East).

Businesses had to reinvent their customer journeys, find new opportunities, and adopt new marketing tools to succeed in changed environment. Social media played a key role in this wave of digital transformation and as a result social media ad spend skyrocketed to record highs.

The report further looks into the data surrounding the pandemic, including an analysis of the sentiment trends for the companies making the vaccines that are being distributed and engagement trends for the key affected industries.

To look back on the initial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, see our original COVID-19 report or the trends report for Q1 2020.

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