CX Stats and Trends to Know in 2021

CX Stats and Trends to Know in 2021

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In an age where customers are more connected than ever and switching costs are continually diminishing, CX is not only essential; it’s non-negotiable. Even “price” is now taking a backseat for many customers when making their purchasing decisions. 

Growing research over the years has highlighted the significant impact of great (and bad) CX on the bottom line. Consumers today expect convenient and frictionless experiences from their favorite brands, and they want to do things their way. Keeping up with consumers’ ever-evolving needs, expectations, and preferences at every stage of their journey is essential not only to gain them as new customers but also to turn them into loyal brand advocates. 

How much impact does the customer experience have on the bottom line? What do brands need to do to keep up with customers’ ever-growing expectations? This report looks at key customer experience trends and research findings that all CX stakeholders need to know today.

Key Takeaways From the Report

  • A large proportion of consumers are likely to base their purchase decisions on experiences alone, while many are also willing to pay a premium if it means getting better CX.
  • Most customer experience professionals expect to primarily compete based on CX today, and many companies are adjusting their internal structure and investing more into CX technologies accordingly.
  • There is a close association between customer loyalty and a brand’s ability to deliver consistently excellent experiences across all channels throughout the customer journey.
  • Understanding what customers need and expect at each touchpoint, and how they perceive these experiences, provides a valuable source of first-party insights that will only become more essential in the years ahead.

Download the full report for the customer experience trends statistics you need to know in 2021 and beyond.

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