The Value of Experience: Highlights From Socialbakers Engage

The Value of Experience: Highlights From Socialbakers Engage

Socialbakers Engage events bring together people from around the world. The key difference this year is that instead of marketers joining us in Prague, Paris, or São Paulo, we brought the expertise to the comfort of your living room.

Like nearly every other in-person event, the global pandemic changed our plans and moved Engage to the virtual space. One benefit is that since everyone streamed their presentations from their respective homes, we were able to bring together a wide array of speakers to share their experience and offer tips on how to navigate the current, ever-changing marketing landscape.

Here we’ve collected some of our favorite, most insightful presentations from the three-day event. To see all of the Engage discussions, relive the experience with all 33 speakers.

Adrien Marchand, Global Head of Social Media at Salomon

What does an outdoors-based brand do when public health policy advises people not to leave the house? Do whatever it can to bring those activities indoors.

Salomon utilized several tools at its disposal, including enlisting its roster of influencers to put together or advocate for home-based workouts and games. Adrien also helped oversee an online quarantine magazine that encouraged user-generated content that the community shared with each other to show how they were getting through this moment together.

Hélène Stengel, Inbound Success Coach at Hubspot

When it comes to diversity in marketing, no one (and no company) is perfect, but what matters the most is starting the conversation. Hélène illustrates the importance of building a diverse culture within the workplace from open Slack communication to “lazy social copies” for diversity promotion to creating inclusive content for brand campaigns. 

While Hubspot is known for their innovative diversity practices, see examples on how to make the first step in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Ahmad Dohjoka, Campaign Lead at Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi

Ahmad’s work in the culture and tourism industry proves that innovative digital marketing can overcome any obstacle. In this session, he explains how he united two central drives that everyone has felt during the pandemic: the need to connect and the need to keep our passion for culture alive.

Look inside the #StayCurious and the #RediscoverAD campaigns to see how he helped to keep a global audience inspired by promoting and supporting Abu Dhabi’s local and national attractions.

David Cohen, Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook

If there’s one platform that marketers know like the back of their hand, it has to be Facebook. During Socialbakers Engage, we were able to get an insider’s look into what messaging means for Facebook and why it will be crucial for marketers to become experts on how to use it in 2021. David, a strategic partner manager at Facebook, shared the full story.

The Takeaway

Want even more Engage content? Before the event, we conducted Q&As with several speakers and experts about the ways to implement diversity and inclusion, content strategies amidst changing user behavior, Facebook insights, and more. See them all here, and contact us if you have any questions:

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