How ASUS Improved Global Decision-Making With Socialbakers

How ASUS Improved Global Decision-Making With Socialbakers

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Dedicated to “creating products for today and tomorrow’s smart life,” ASUS is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and gaming computer hardware and consumer electronics company.

As each ASUS office manages their own local social channels, they face the challenge of scaling their global strategy while simultaneously pivoting to face unique competitors.

“Socialbakers enables us to understand our social channels’ competitive status in the shortest time – under one dashboard.”

– Jeff Lee, Head of Community and Online Media Buy

By partnering with Socialbakers, ASUS’ top 20 local markets, with 145 users in Suite are now all equipped with the comprehensive and actionable data they needed for their regional and global performance.

In this study, you will see how partnering with Socialbakers provided ASUS with:

  • Comprehensive insights for empowering more strategic decision-making
  • Actionable intelligence to help teams position their ad spend
  • Robust, user-friendly reporting for transparent ROI and more focused campaigns

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