How Socialbakers Helped Bath & Body Works Boost Sales by 50%

How Socialbakers Helped Bath & Body Works Boost Sales by 50%

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Bath & Body Works used Socialbakers’ AI insights to increase daily engaged users by 264% and 458% on two separate campaigns.

Comparing Bath & Body Works’ 2019 campaigns against their 2018 results, there was a massive uplift across all KPIs. What made the difference?

This year, Bath & Body Works leveraged Socialbakers’ AI-powered capabilities, including:

  • Content intelligence for data-driven planning
  • Audience insights for content relevance and sharp targeting 
  • Publishing time recommendations for maximum exposure 
  • Content grading to allocate budget wisely

The results for two distinct campaigns were fantastic. Bath & Body Works’ Ramadan campaign increased daily engaged users by 264%, and its summer campaign did even better, increasing that metric by 458%.

That increased engagement from the summer campaign led to action beyond social, where there was a 50% increase in sales in the first four days of the campaign.

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