How to Be Productive in Times of Uncertainty

People are concerned for their wellbeing and businesses are uncertain about the economic future. As society spends more time in physical isolation, online communication has never been more important

How to Be Productive in Times of Uncertainty

As everyone is requested to keep a social distance from one another, we believe that people will be looking to social channels more than ever to stay informed and connected. In times like these, you can’t afford not to communicate. 

As a marketer, you may question how you can be productive while your team is working remotely. You may also need to modify content plans and messages. We want you to know that we’re here to help you with advice and recommendations on how to succeed in these times of change. 

Content is the currency of social, and engagement is gold. When people have more time to spend online, it is an opportunity to get their attention and communicate your message.

Working remotely with Socialbakers

Social media tool for remote working

When your team is working remotely, it is important to collaborate while evaluating your content and messages. The Socialbakers platform supports team collaboration and communication around content creation and review, so that you can all share your opinions and decide on the winning content to use while you are remote.

As original content plans may need to change, the Socialbakers publishing calendar allows you to easily drag-and-drop the content to reschedule it. Thanks to the flexible approval flows, you can set the process of review and approval at any time to let your team operate remotely or using mobile devices. Then it’s time to let AI assist you in grading your content and directing your decision on what to focus on and when is the best time to publish. This is especially important now as user behavior has changed and more time is spent online. 

A fully streamlined guide about content workflow is available for you.

As some of your team members may not be available to get the work done, leveraging task automation on the Socialbakers platform can save you important time to stay on schedule. Automated labeling and audience sentiment analysis can help you here.

Customers may engage with your content more often than usual these days. They may have questions or need your advice. The Socialbakers answer templates, as part of our smart community management for social care, can save your team time and effort as the workload increases.

We understand that during uncertain times everyone is keen to look at data from multiple sources and dimensions to understand what is happening out there. The Socialbakers dashboard, with its cross-platform metrics and flexible widgets, can help you see what’s going on with your business, as well as with the business of your competitors or industry. Your Account Manager is available to help you set up the dashboard you need and share it with your internal teams.

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