How to Focus Your Marketing for the Long Run – Social Cast Ep. 15

How to Focus Your Marketing for the Long Run – Social Cast Ep. 15

Technological platforms such as Google or Facebook are constantly evolving. While these two superpowers may develop adaptations for user experience, typically their systems transform in order to mold the online environment to their favor. 

Features such as preferential algorithms favor users who promote content that contain no outside links or advertisement. These persistent modifications make forecasting successful marketing strategies increasingly challenging. So how can businesses accurately focus their marketing tactics for the long run?

In times of heightened uncertainty, it’s crucial for marketers to analyze which forces are shifting the social and online markets. Identifying the major influencers provide marketers with a vague idea of where the market is headed and how campaigns can capitalize on it. 

Areas such as paid advertisement and generating organic click-through rates are highly dependant on how a company is tracking their analytics. In the past, marketers have relied solely on numbers to make decisions for them. However, when the online space is changing by the minute, analytics from the past 15 years won’t be able to generate high returns. 

On this episode of the Social Cast we speak with Rand Fishkin, the CEO and co-founder of SparkToro, and co-founder of MOZ, on how to outsmart the ever-altering search engines and build the ultimate long-term marketing plan. Learn how to get ahead of the curve with just a few tips and tricks on tracking analytics, predicting the social climate, and dealing with the future of SEO. 

Competitors Outperforming You on Facebook?

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the future of social media marketing for businesses?
  • How is technology evolving to incorporate both business and consumer features?
  • How is the adaption of the online field affecting marketing opportunities?  
  • Which roles are impacting the shift of business marketing tools?
  • How are search engines shifting the online marketing space?What changes should businesses anticipate for organic social and paid advertising?
  • How can marketers accurately measure analytics in today’s online environment?

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