How to Increase Your Search Ranking With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has a lot of benefits to offer to your company. Chief among them is the good it does for your SEO. Yet many businesses fail to leverage their influencer marketing strategies to improve their search rankings. Read on to find out how you can use influencer buzz to help you rank on search!

How to Increase Your Search Ranking With Influencer Marketing

Would you prefer to buy a product endorsed by a celebrity or one vouched for by a non-celebrity influencer? As reported by Collective Bias, only 3% of consumers would consider purchasing something a celebrity advocates. Conversely, 30% prefer products endorsed by non-celebrities. Clearly, influencer marketing has a big role to play in helping you grow your business.

Here are a few ideas to help you leverage your influencer marketing to improve your SEO:

1. Up Your Link Game

Backlinks are a critical component of any SEO strategy. Search engines are always changing their algorithms to filter out junk posts. Depending upon the quality of your link profile, search engines will determine your rankings. It’s imperative, then, to have natural links to your site or blog in order to boost it in search results.

The easiest way to generate these is to ask influencers to share your links in an organic and content-rich fashion. Seeing as influencers frequently talk about your brand or product on social media, it’s easy for them to do so. Search engines treat these kinds of link mentions as high-quality. Consequently, this will improve your search rankings.

When an influencer shares content containing your link, expect their network to further share the content. You earn a new backlink with each share, thereby improving the diversity of your link profile.

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Influencers have huge circles which may include representatives from reputed journals and magazines too. If they come across your content and like it, they too could cite you in their own work. And there is nothing like earning a backlink from high-authority sources like these. Further, when you collaborate with bloggers by means of guest posting, you’re virtually guaranteed a fresh link to your site.

Take the Mencap charity and their #HereIAm campaign for instance. They partnered with influencers to help the cause of people with learning disabilities. Niki and Sammy, the entertainer twins, posted photos of themselves wearing shirts with “Here I Am” printed on them. Additionally, to encourage their followers to learn more about learning disabilities, they included a link to Mencap’s page.


The campaign resulted in 780,000 video content views, a reach of 10 million social users, and a combined 21,000 likes, shares, and comments.

2. Produce Fresh Content

Not the easiest of tasks, but content creation is an essential part of improving search rankings. Search engines consider content freshness, keyword usage, and the quality and quantity of shares to determine rankings. Ultimately, the amount of unique content you create impacts where your brand ranks in search results.

Trouble is, even the most experienced marketers can run out of content ideas. This is where influencer marketing can help you. Influencers will add a fresh voice with new ideas to your content marketing campaigns.

In fact, in a study, 96% of the respondents claimed to want more content from industry thought leaders. It can take the form of guest posting, product reviews, or better yet, a social media takeover campaign. Here, businesses give influencers access to their social media account to post on their behalf.

For example, Sony Alpha invites prominent photographers and Instagram users to take over their Instagram page. The only catch is they need to take photos using a Sony Alpha camera. What’s more, they even serve the purpose of being a testimonial for prospective buyers.

Influencers can also leverage their followers to develop unique and compelling content for your brand. They can generate momentum via social media campaigns as well. Perhaps they ask their followers to share their personal experiences with your brand and tag them (and/or you) using a specific hashtag.

3. Boost Brand Visibility and Engagement

Blog posts are the most popular form of content marketing, used by more than 80% of marketers. Clearly then, there’s a lot of content out there, which makes it a herculean task for you to get your content to stand out.

The lack of consumer engagement will have an adverse effect on your search rankings. The more you’re able to engage your audience, the more traffic you’ll see on your website. Your influencers can be the key to improving your engagement rates, thereby improving brand’s visibility and transparency.

60% of millennial subscribers trust buyer advice from YouTube celebrities over endorsements from traditional celebrities. Influencer recommendations are the primary source of brand trust on social media. Brand content posted by influencers will get their followers talking and sharing about you.

With influencer marketing platforms you can easily track how your influencer campaigns are performing alongside your other digital activities. This will allow you to check on the performance of your influencer’s content so you can better evaluate the ROI of the collaboration.

The important thing is search engines take note of online chatter about trending content. With enough shares, they’ll start to prioritize your content over others, preventing it from becoming a needle in a haystack. What better way is there to rise through the ranks?

Boxed Water took to Instagram to promote The ReTreeProject – their philanthropic initiative. They generated a lot of online chatter by inviting users to post a photo with a “#ReTree” hashtag. For every such post, Boxed Water would plant two trees. Within a month, users had generated 2,600 posts.

The Takeaway

Your search rankings can be the difference between how your business is faring over your competitors. Higher ranks increase your chances of turning up in what experts like to call the golden triangle of internet marketing. This, in turn, leads to increased lead generation and sales.

By using these influencer marketing strategies, you can boost your position. If you’re ready to take the next step, learn 5 ways you can measure your influencer marketing easily.

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