Lessons to Learn From Video Viewership in MENA Region

Lessons to Learn From Video Viewership in MENA Region

Studies have found that the average human attention span is shorter than a goldfish (9 seconds). With that in mind – though it won’t be there for long – one of the most pressing questions for content creators is what’s the ideal length for videos? 

Based on Socialbakers data, we can see that globally there was a large decrease in how long people watched videos on brand pages. So what is the trend in video viewership in the MENA region?

From the data extracted, we can see that globally managed pages experienced an overall decrease in the number of video views per page in comparison to last year. MENA was consistent (linear) in the number of video views per page in comparison to last year.

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Taking a closer look at the performance of MENA pages we can see that video views experienced a drop:

MENA video views longer than 30 seconds
  • The average number of views longer than 30 seconds decreased by 37% (from 35.61 to 22.29)
MENA video views longer than 10 seconds
  • The average number of views longer than 10 seconds decreased by 36.4% (from 46.68 to 29.66)
MENA video views longer than 3 seconds
  • The average number of views longer than 3 seconds decreased by 34.5% (from 74.92 to 49.07)

The first three seconds of your video are key and capturing viewers’ interest, as we can see, is challenging. So, leveraging these key stats will help you produce content that will capture your audience’s interest and keep them engaged.

After reviewing 6,080 pieces of video content in Socialbakers’ Content Hub, the world’s largest social media content library at your fingertips, we came across some interesting insights.

Most liked organic videos

MENA most liked organic videos
  • The first and second videos were published by UAE-born brand Emirates, and both highlighted an exclusive activity. The first video was reposted from Downtown Dubai, one of Dubai’s top tourist destinations, and it captured the New Year’s Eve celebration and the amazing fireworks display at Burj Khalifa. The second video was user-generated content that captured an exclusive moment of the airplane landing.
  • The third video published was by Umniah from the telecom industry. The video has a clear message inviting users to watch the video in order to unlock a prize.

Most commented on organic video

MENA most commented videos
  • The top three videos took advantage of a well-known human desire: free stuff. All three were promoting or mentioning a competition and prizes.
  • The top performing video was a Live video that was published by a restaurant in Jordan. It was shot on a phone, explained the competition, and promoted the prize.

Most shared organic video

MENA most shared videos
  • The top video was published by a South African brand that focuses on creating a network where members can work happily. The video is in an interview format that focuses on sharing personal experience. 
  • The second video was the firework display that Emirates reposted. So that post achieved both the most reactions and the second-most shares in the region for the entire year. 
  • The third video was from Forex Araby Com, and the video was promoting a competition with a clear CTA in the caption to share the video for a chance to win.

Based on the successful videos, here are some tips to consider 

  • Be Clear: As previously mentioned, the first three seconds are critical to grab a viewer’s attention while scanning through the feed. So be clear in your message and highlight your value proposition to entice users to continue watching the video and engaging with your content.  
  • Be Considerate: Consider your followers’ data package, environmental distraction, and screen size. Tailor your content size and resolution to appeal to mobile users watching videos on the go. Based on Socialbakers’ data, globally viewers complete videos more often when they’re vertical than when they’re horizontal.
  • Be Simple: Explore options of going live or capture moments using your smartphone and be authentic in your delivery. 
  • Be Creative: Who said videos should be long? Several brands are exploring videos that consistently loop back and forth, such as boomerangs. 

Test different techniques to see what works for your business and roll out your new video strategy in 2020.

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