How to Get Real Likes for Instagram

Buying Likes for Instagram may be tempting - but it comes with a hefty price tag. Using cheap tricks to get more engagement and followers won’t help you achieve your wider business goals. Though Instagram’s algorithm is trickier than their old chronological setup, it’s better to play by the rules to ensure that the content you create gets seen by the right people. We breakdown why you need to think quality over quantity for long term Insta success.

How to Get Real Likes for Instagram

Instagram has done away with their chronological posting which has largely impacted brands. Today the Instagram algorithm favors posts with high engagement rates. Meaning, interactions such as Likes, Comments, Video Views, Saves, and Shares are highly valuable on the platform and can determine if your content gets seen (by more than just your social media team).

To cut corners some Instagram users have turned to other options, such as buying Likes for Instagram. Just a quick Google search brings up a never-ending supply of businesses who offer this service on the cheap. Brands and influencers can buy 200 Likes for Instagram as low as .69 cents. For marketers everywhere, this looks like a dream come true. However, like most other things looks can be deceiving.

Why You Should Earn Likes For Instagram – Not Buy

Buying likes and followers are only a short-term solution. If you are thinking that buying followers will, in turn, generate more likes, you may want to think again. There are a variety of ways one can choose to purchase followers – and no shortage of websites that offer these services either. In fact, there are even vending machines in Russia that help you boost your Insta likes and followers for a bit of coin.

There are several ways fake followers and likes have come to be. Websites that offer this service use shady practices deploying bots to follow tons of profiles in hopes of some follow-backs. If followed users don’t return the favor, they are unfollowed. Sometimes these services grow your following in the blink of an eye – but when you actually take a look at the profiles they are either bots themselves or fake profiles.

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We get it through – the higher the number the cooler you look (remember the Myspace days). Unfortunately, housing a bunch of squatter followers is no good for your brand. This goes for Influencers as well – it works both ways. Brands will easily be able to find out how “real” your Instagram audience is, and even if they don’t, what good is your cooperation if your large following isn’t delivering results? These freeloading profiles will not bring you the engagement you need. And as we have already mentioned, lack of engagement ultimately means lack of visibility on one of the most up and coming social media marketing platforms out there.

Buying or automating any of your efforts on Instagram can cost you in the long run. Think about it. Even if your post has thousands of likes – what good are they if they are coming from profiles that have no interest in your product service. And that’s not even mentioning how your brand may be perceived by potential Instagram influencers or customers. It doesn’t take much digging to see which profiles are interacting with your content and following your profile. In a few clicks, you could be exposed.

Plus we haven’t even mentioned that Instagram’s terms of use forbids these practices. Any form of post or likes automation violates your agreement with Instagram. The visual platform is constantly doing community clean-ups that delete fake profiles en masse. However, worse consequences can lead to suspension or even ban.

A Bigger Instagram Audience Isn’t Always Better

The quick way isn’t always the right way. Think about liposuction and fad diets – it just doesn’t last. Instagram, along with all social media profiles strive to maintain a genuine environment for their users. Brands can get so much more from a small engaging community than they can from thousands of substanceless profiles.

It’s no secret that social media networks are striving to spark meaningful conversations. Trying to find the fast track to social fame is the exact opposite. It’s vital that us marketers have an audience that we can rely on. One that will be there after their first, second, and third engagement. Polluting this space can push people to seek out alternatives – just think about Vero’s surge in popularity overnight.

Building a solid Instagram audience is far from easy. To get it right you need to understand your social media audiences, basing your assumption on data – not generalizations. Once you have clearly identified who your audience is, and what they find valuable or engaging, you can create content to be a part of those conversations using social media pages as distribution channels.

How to Get More Real Likes for Instagram

By now we have covered how not to build an Insta following – let’s skip ahead to the good stuff.

Your Instagram audiences are really at the center of it all – which means you need to know who you’re talking to. Expensive focus groups and surveys used to be the name of the game, but in modern times it’s about buyer persona building based on digital data.

Social media and web data gives you insight into your audience’s brand affinities, likes, interests and more. Discovering connecting threads between individuals that make up your customer base can help you create personalized content that will guess what? Get more engagement! Which means…. You can confidently and honestly overcome Instagram’s algorithm challenges.

If you’re interested in learning more about personalized content take a detour and move onto Why the Buyer Persona is Even More Important on Social Media.

Finding the Right Instagram Influencers Can Make a Difference

Social media influencers have become one of the most powerful marketing trends of the entire year. Collaborating with Instagram influencers can have a tremendous effect on your reach, visibility, and brand overall. The key, of course, is to make sure you’ve found the right one for your community.

If you’re on the lookout for an influencer it’s best if they resemble your audience’s interests – bonus points if you know that this is an influencer that your members already follow. As we’ve already hinted – bigger doesn’t always mean better.

You may want to look into micro influencers – which have a following of 100,000 followers or less. Whether or not you choose to go macro or micro, you should do your research. Be sure to roll up your sleeves and investigate before you start spending big bucks. Find out which brands this Instagram influencer has collaborated with in the past and analyze their performance. Taking a look at their followers will also help shed light on audiences that are attracted to that influencer. Do the profiles look real? Are their clear parallels between their following and yours? Answer these questions and more to ensure that your cooperation will make an impact. If you’re still not convinced head over to our blog 9 Reasons Why You Need to Embrace Influencer Marketing

The Takeaway

Social media platforms reward brands that bring value to their audiences. Understanding your audience’s wants and needs will enable you to create content that has a purpose. Remember, that social is a space for two-way communication. So it makes perfect sense that Facebook and Instagram reward posts that audiences are interacting with.

Enjoy your social media journey and take time to build your audience by leveraging the power of content marketing. If your true supporters follow your brand you are more likely to cut through the competition on the News Feed, acquire leads, and make sales. Remember that a loyal following is more powerful than a large following.

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