Marketing With Empathy – Social Cast Ep. 30

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Marketing With Empathy – Social Cast Ep. 30

By seeing their business experiences through the view of their customers, marketers can understand what’s really happening at each touch point and how that’s affecting the brand’s relationship with its audience.

If you want to truly deliver the kind of experiences your customers expect, the only way of getting there is through empathy. What examples are there of brand success stories, and what tools can help other businesses improve their CX?

In this episode, Socialbakers Director of Product Marketing Monica Raszyk and Socialbakers Director of Content Marketing Mantas Ciuksys discuss how marketers can become better listeners by leveraging the right tools and strategies in order to create next-level marketing and care experiences.

Customer Experience Management: How to Close the Expectation Gap

Key Takeaways

  • Think about a brand that left you with a great lasting impression; what was unique about that experience? What can be replicated?
  • What are the key oversights that lead to poor brand experiences for customers?
  • What do you do if you want to understand if your customers are having poor experiences? How do you place yourself in their shoes? Where do you look first?

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