Pinterest Influencer Shares 7 Tips for Influencer Marketing and How to Win on the Platform

We spoke with the “Pinterest Queen”, Paula Coop McCrory, to get her favorite productivity hacks for making waves on the platform. Considered to be one of the most powerful pinners in the world by BuzzFeed, Paula boasts an audience size of 4.3+ Million Followers on Pinterest.

Pinterest Influencer Shares 7 Tips for Influencer Marketing and How to Win on the Platform

For marketers looking to improve their Pinterest influencer marketing strategy or up their content game, look no further and keep reading. Hear what the Pinterest expert had to say about collaborating with influencers, common mistakes marketers make most, and her tips for rocking on the platform. 

1. What type advice would you give to marketers looking to collaborate with a Pinterest influencer, like yourself?

Connect with influencers that aesthetically fit your brand and campaign. Look at all their social platforms to understand who they are, their interests and the type of content they share. Do your research by taking the time to delve deep into their online persona. It should never strictly be about numbers, but finding influencers and content creators that are a natural fit with your brand and campaign. Look for ambassadors over short term supporters. 

2. What do you think are some of the most common mistakes marketers make when building a campaign with an influencer?

It’s not all about numbers. Look at how an influencer is managing their Pinterest account. Are they utilising all aspects of what Pinterest offers? Is their header and profile complete? How many boards are they managing? Are they repining and sharing original content? Is it reflective of who they are? Answering these questions will help you with your quest to find the ideal social media influencer for your brand.

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3. How important is data, i.e. your performance, when brands are looking to create an influencer marketing campaign?

It’s important for an influencer and a brand to be transparent and open with each other. An influencer should understand their analytics and audience, just as a brand should be clear with an influencer of what they expect. Pins stay live for a minimum of 7 days. This allows for a campaign to be shaped as it’s shared – which is an amazing opportunity to fully utilise a campaign. Trust the influencer and their creative freedom – you chose them because of what they do and their aesthetics. Building long term relationships with social media influencers equate better return for all involved. 

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4. Be The Boss

It’s time to convert your account from a personal account to a business account. It’s free. It’s easy to do and it’s time for your Pinterest account to reflect who you are – a business. By switching over to a business account you’re going to unlock your account’s analytics. Social media analytics are everything when you’re building a business.


5. Claim What’s Yours

Claim your website. This unlocks even more analytics, ads and other pro tools Pinterest offers. If you want to go beyond native analytics, there are plenty of social media measurement solutions that can help you analyze your performance, competitors, and a range of other tools.

6. Leave No Stone Unturned

Anybody who visits your profile is going to read your header to learn more about your business. Using your company logo as your picture makes it easy for people to identify your pins. Make sure the “about you” field helps explain what’s unique about your business. Aim to write a bio that is concise and that includes relevant keywords that connect to your brand. 


7. Brand Your Boards

This is where you get to make your Pinterest board a true reflection of who you are as a brand. If you’ve already established a colour palette and a have a company font – reflect both in your images you create as your board covers. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. Keep this in mind when naming your boards. You can opt for the most SEO-friendly, on-brand terms or create a mix of the two. Keep the titles relatively short and snappy and make sure to use the board’s description area to add in more keywords.


The Takeaway

Pinterest recently made a move to open their API for brands to access influencer insights. It’s no wonder, influencer marketing is projected to be a $5 – $10 billion dollar market in the next 5 years. Brands have turned to social media influencers to craft authentic content because their recommendations are becoming the new currency of transparency to build consumer trust. As brands increasingly spend more investment dollars to collaborate with content creators – micro and macro influencers alike, marketers will be expected to measure and demonstrate the ROI from their activities. Make sure that you have the right influencer marketing tool for the job.

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