Resize Flexible Widgets and Dig Into Flexible Widget Data

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Resize Flexible Widgets and Dig Into Flexible Widget Data

Customize Dashboards and Compare Bigger Datasets at Once

Especially these days, the speed at which data moves and new content is created is immense. For businesses, it’s crucial to stay flexible and customize their analysis to what’s needed at a particular moment in time.

With Flexible Widgets in Dashboard, brands can do just that: analyze the performance of their content from every angle, across all social media platforms, in an instant.

By choosing how you want to see the data – selecting preferred data sources, filtering what matters to you, and breaking analysis down by various options – you can take control of the analysis and make smarter decisions based on the whole story. 

From today, you can customize dashboards even further and compare bigger datasets at one glance: Flexible Widgets are now resizable!

What does that mean? You can now manually expand widgets and compare up to 32 data points at once.

How to do it? Select a widget and pull the little triangle on the bottom right to expand the length to one of the predefined sizes. This lets you emphasize certain widgets more than others, visualize 32 profiles next to each other, and modify the layout of a dashboard to fit your purpose.

All existing widget types are resizable, except for Value Widgets, which only display one figure. Having full flexibility means a more in-depth and productive analysis of the metrics that really matter to your business. 

Drill Down Into Flexible Widgets

For Marketers, it’s crucial to understand both the big picture, as well as the details of your social media data. And especially when working with complex charts and figures, it can be challenging to determine the data sources of your charts. No longer!

With this release, you can now seamlessly dig into the actual content pieces behind your data. Clicking on any spikes or sections of Flexible Widgets lets you see the content behind the data, right in Content Hub

Diving into individual data pieces and analyzing the underlying content of any chart is only a few clicks away:

  1. Identify a chart that shows peaks or outliers that need to be analyzed
  2. Hover over a specific data point and click on it
  3. You will then automatically be redirected to Content Hub, where you can see the specific content pieces and all aspects of the post, including the most critical metrics

Want to analyze the underlying data of an entire Flexible Widget? No problem. Click on the details symbol on the top right corner and select View in Content Hub. Again, this will automatically redirect you to Content Hub, where you can analyze all content pieces of the selected widget at once. 

Digging into the underlying data of your Flexible Widgets is a seamless way to break down your analysis. You can investigate issues in-depth, without having to click through and search content pieces between modules.

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