Facebook Comments as Listening Source and Current-Day Listening Reporting

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Facebook Comments as Listening Source and Current-Day Listening Reporting

Facebook Comments as New Listening Source

Facebook Comments are here! For more comprehensive social listening across Facebook, you can now track and visualize Facebook comments in Analytics, Content Hub, and Community. 

To allow for more holistic Listening analysis, Facebook comments are now automatically added to your Listening query. And to zoom in to the key Facebook comments related to your search query, in Content Hub, you can easily filter content by platform (Facebook) and Content-Type (Replies). Learn more about the data sources available in Socialbakers.

Report on Today’s Listening Data

Accessing real-time listening data in Community is crucial to respond and react in real-time to crucial conversations. From today, real-time Listening data also comes to Analytics and Content Hub, allowing you to visualize and report on current-day Listening data to track events as they happen.

How to monitor queries in real time? Change the time range to ‘Today’ and dive straight into the data, or export the report and share it with the team or your manager. 

Please note that mentions are shown based on the time zone you’ve set in your settings.

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